12 Most Spectacular Bioluminescent Bays in the World

Secondly, it’s better to visit when the waters are calm, especially for some of the glowing bay Puerto Rico options. La Parguera bio bay is much more exposed than the others and can get more rough in higher winds, such as during the hurricane season, making it unsuitable for kayaking. Dinoflagellates can be found throughout the ocean; however, it is very rare for them to be in concentrations high enough to be noticeable.

If you come around the summer months of April through August, you can usually find the bioluminescence located all around the island. The locals actually call this phenomenon “Blue Tears” because it looks like the water is actually crying with tears flowing down. The best visibility conditions tend to be around two hours after sunset so that’s is approximately when the tours leave. Many take you to the nearby Koh Phi Phi Leh which is a stunning nature reserve.

The rustic fishing village of La Parguera lies 126km southwest of San Juan and 42km west of Ponce. Facing calm, clear Caribbean waters, sheltered by mangrove forests, the southwest region is a haven for watersport enthusiasts or every ilk. Kayaking in the Puerto Rico bays sounds absolutely thrilling. To Vieques, you have to either fly from San Juan to Vieques or drive to Ceiba and take the 1-hour ferry to the island or the 12-minute flight, also from Ceiba. Tour companies are no longer allowing swimming just to limit the amount of chemical pollution they’ve seen with mass tourism – as explained above. According to marine biologists, most glow variations happen naturally and can change on a daily, monthly, or even a yearly basis.

And be prepared to be in awe when your oar agitates the dinos, and you see this brilliant blue explosion. When a fish swims by, lit up in blue, it is a little scary because there are big fish out there. Taryn is happiest when she’s outside and always up for an adventure — especially if it involves a hike, sunset, road trip, or limited cell service. Even “clean” products can leave behind residue that’s harmful to dinoflagellates when you make contact with the water. You can easily reach Punta Cuchillos by taking the ferry from Punta Arenas to Paquera. Torrey Pines State Beach is easily accessible off the major freeway through town.

Still not quite sure which is the best phosphorus bay Puerto Rico has for you? For most people it comes down to time and distance from where you plan to spend the rest of your Puerto Rico vacation. The best time to see the Puerto Rico glow in the dark water depends on a couple of different factors.

They luminescence with movement like tiny lightening bugs in water. While most people who visit Puerto Rico tend to stick around San Juan, we’ve found that most opportunities for adventure happen outside of the the capital. Keep reading to find out how you can experience this magical place too. If you love exploring caves and nature, visiting the Moravian Karst in the Czech Republic is a must. This road trip itinerary will allow you to see the best the region has to offer – explore the Moravian Karst & beyond. What makes the Waitomo Glowworm Caves truly unique though is the last section of the tour, a 5-10 minute boat ride.

Not to mention the moon phases having some bearing on the visibility. Also do call ahead before your trip to any of the luminous bay Puerto Rico sites to check on the condition of the dinoflagellates, which are monitored. 30% is around the minimum level where they are visible in the water, but for a more impressive experience you’ll want higher. If you’re going with any of the Puerto Rico bio bay tours, chances are they won’t take you out if conditions are bad, but I still recommend phoning ahead to check. La Parguera bioluminescent bay is located in Lajas at the southwestern end of Puerto Rico is the least visited fluorescent water Puerto Rico spot, and it’s also the least bright.

Take a night kayaking tour from Las Croabas, through the mangrove channels of Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve to Laguna Grande. Here you can find the billions of microscopic plankton that live in the water and spain beaches nude light up at the touch of your hand to create a beautiful, iridescent glow in the water. Learn about this natural phenomenon and its fragile ecosystem from your informative guide as you paddle through the lagoon.

They can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and sometimes even longer. So be sure to head there as soon as you hear of a bioluminescent beach in San Diego. Koh Phi Phi in the Krabi province of Thailand is surely one of the most beautiful islands on the planet. The beauty is not only found above the water, though — Koh Phi Phi is also a great place for snorkeling, diving, and seeing the bioluminescent bay. One of the island’s most impressive features is the Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve, one of two St. Croix bioluminescent bays.