13 Things Men Can Wear to a Funeral Other Than a Suit Cake Blog

Dark navy and charcoal are good options, and funerals are one of the only appropriate times to wear a black suit during the day. Either single or double-breasted jackets are appropriate, though our feeling is that younger men should opt for single-breasted jackets. As with anything, it should be well-fitted and in good repair.

We will also share some tips on whatnot to do and some general etiquette guidelines when attending funeral services. You can find online fashion stores that sell branded suits and tuxedos at the best prices. Men can even enjoy huge discounts, deals, and offers when they buy suits and tuxedos from reputed shops. Grey is a color that everyone has that sentimental attachment.

Long-sleeves are usually the norm unless the funeral is outdoors in the summertime. The slacks should be neutral colored or black, and your dress shirt should be white or another complimentary color. Unfortunately there are those moments in life when it is time to say goodbye to a loved one. If you are attending a funeral then it is advisable to educate yourself on what is the appropriate attire for the occasion. The type of clothes you wear depend on your culture, the deceased religious belief, your relationship to the family, as well as where the service will be held.

For example, your dress shirt should have long sleeves and ideally have a collar. You are dressing so that you can show your respect, not to impress others. This is one rare occasion that you want your clothing to blend in with everybody else’s. As a rule of thumb, dress as you would for a job interview. Anything too flashy is not appropriate, so save your pink silk pocket square for another occasion.

Although the ceremony for Buddhist and Hindu funerals are quite different, the colours are very similar. For both religions white is the colour of grieving, and it is reserved for the family. While the traditional Christian custom requires you to dress in darker, typically black, colours. Other cultures and religious beliefs have quite a different view on proper funeral attire and colours.

Otherwise, it will look like you’re trying to detract from the event. While this white shirt is the most traditional option, navy suits with grey shirts can also work. The blue tie in the image is perfect, or perhaps a dark burgundy.

If you are looking for a cool and comfortable feel, then sticking with the 3 button funeral suit is the finest choice. The 3 button funeral suit is the best fit during the summer season. Opting for the burgundy rose gold groomsmen suits cheap funeral suit in the hotter months doesn’t keep you fresh and comfy for the whole day. The cheap funeral suit is very much less inexpensive than the best funeral suit available in the market.

Charcoal grey and navy are the second-best alternatives. As a quick guide, black remains the typical Western funeral color. However, in many Asian, Hindu, and Buddhist funerals, the men in the family will wear a white shirt. In Buddhism, the friends will still be expected to wear black.

Navy blue or another dark understated solid color can work as well. If at all possible, avoid boldly patterned or metallic ties. The focus of any funeral is to mourn the deceased while also celebrating their life.

Just make sure it’s an appropriate length – you don’t want to look like you’re at a fancy dress party! A classic black umbrella or black hat are also recommended. When it comes to laces – they should always be dark if you are wearing a black suit. If you’re wearing brown shoes – try and match the laces with their respective shoe (e.g. burgundy laces in burgundy shoes). White is the most classic choice for white, although if everyone else is in black you can choose grey/charcoal. It’s important to match the tie with the shirt – but in general it doesn’t matter.