21 Essential Things To Pack For Puerto Rico And What To Wear

Some beaches in Puerto Rico are filled with rocks as you enter the waters, it’s best to bring a pair of water shoes to protect yourself from the sharp enemies of the sea. There’s plenty of ways to pass the days in Puerto Rico. Whether you hit the beaches, go out on the water or hike verdant mountain trails, here are packing tips for all your Puerto Rico activities. If you have gone somewhere and ended up with a dead smartphone, you’ll know that it really is quite inconvenient. These days, our cell phones have everything – in addition to allowing you to contact people, they are our maps, our source of music, and even provide us access to our banks.

The Columbia hiking boots are waterproof and lightweight perfect both for men and women. If you’re planning to hike El Yunque during the rainy season, you should include a light rain jacket in your suitcase. These Baleaf raincoats are great for men and women with waterproof material, a warm interior, a back pocket, and adjustable strings to make your jacket fit the best. For your visit to Puerto what to pack for puerto rico in march Rico, you’ll want to include in your packing list a camera that can record your memories in every circumstance. The GoPro HERO9 is a top favorite action camera because it can record 5k video and take 20 mpx photos on the beach, underwater, and even while you’re ziplining. A quick-dry towel is essential in your Puerto Rico packing list, since not every hotel or apartment offers a beach towel.

Everything I mention on this Puerto Rico packing list I fit into my carryon items, so this shouldn’t be too crazy for you by any means. Puerto Ricans tend to dress up a little bit even to go to the market. The only people you see dressed completely down are tourists and are also starred at by locals.

I usually pack 2-3 skirts with me to throw on over my shorts for a photo lol, but you can wear them all day! Throughout December, travelers and locals will find festive events, some related to Christmas. From the colorful historic Hatillo Masks Festival to a boat parade with holiday lights in San Juan to the La Feria theme park, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Puerto Rico. If you’re a Dapper Dan and a night of fine dining at a restaurant like 1919 is more your thing, be sure to bring a pair of long cotton chinos, a long-sleeved shirt, and a sport coat. If you only have a long weekend and you’re like us, your vacation vibe will be R&R paired with F&F . Known as the no-winter island, Cuba cycles through mild to warm to baking hot weather with the changing seasons.

The lowest average monthly temperature is 77°F (25°C) in January and the highest average monthly temperate is 84.2°F (29°C) in July and August. So, what you should pack for Puerto Rico depends on when you plan to go. Rain jacket– Pack a light rain jacket for random storms. William is the Chief of Awesome at Going Awesome Places which is focused on off-the-beaten-path, outdoor adventure, and experiential travel. He is based in Toronto, Canada but you’ll find him on the road more often than not. Make sure to learn more about William to find out his story and how Going Awesome Places started.