30 Good Books for College Students for Inspiration College Magazine

It’s also about her relationships with family, forgiveness, and, yes, romance. Though I’m not sure it’s clear what time of year this book is set in, I get a strong summer vibe from Lovely, Dark and Deep, probably because it’s about self-discovery. One of the things I love about this book is the concept of “questing,” as Auden goes on a quest with Eli to do all the things she never got to do as a kid, including learning how to ride a bike .

Geared toward millennial readers, lauded author Erin Lowry’s popular personal finance book helps college students and young adults learn how to get started with investing. The listed ones are just biebs and ash a few among the lots of inspirational books for college students. This is the time when a person moves out of the childhood image to a proper adult and start facing the realities of life.

This is THE book list of the college romance books worth reading. So if you’re looking for new adult romance books about college students, then I have your back. These are the best college romance novels that make the grade in my book. Discover all the college romance books worth reading in this epic book list!

She moves to her father’s house which is isolated in the woods. She accidentally meets Cal, after which everything changes and for the first time in months, she begins to feel alive. But Cal also has his issues and things do not always go as planned.

In this book you’ll find ideas for everything you might want to do, and take advantage of, before you finish your undergraduate degree. Included is journaling space to create and update your own personal college bucket list. From finding the perfect friend group to succeeding academically to exploring your newfound freedom, there’s a lot that goes into making your college experience a success.

Amy, our protagonist, finds herself lost and confused when she has to bring her mother’s car from California to Connecticut. Still recovering from her father’s loss the year before, Amy is heartbroken and lost when a 19-year-old son of an old family friend comes into the picture. The books on this list are a nice little mix of classic and contemporary works, including fantasy novels. This excess of readily available information has conditioned us into having short attention spans.

And like Leighton and Alicia , Rudy isn’t ready to come out yet but Morgan isn’t comfortable with keeping their relationship a secret. Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan has something for every fan of The Sex Lives of College Girls. You can pick up Fresh knowing that Bela would laugh out loud while reading it. The ways in which author Margot Wood breaks the fourth wall—footnotes, choose-your-own-adventure sections, and direct addresses to the reader—make this novel an absolute delight to read. Kimberly gets a job at an on-campus cafe because she needs to, not because she wants to. But her coworkers Canaan and Lila (Ilia Isorelýs Paulino) quickly become two of her closest confidants.