4 Seam VS 2 Seam Fastball What’s the Difference?

The 2 seamer is a pitch thrown much like the 4-seamer but with different finger placement and with a different function. It is called a “two seam” because when thrown, the pitch only has two seams cutting through the air towards the target. This allegedly causes the ball to move more but also a hair slower. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about throwing a two-seam fastball that goes beyond “dirty” or “nasty” and usually involves embarrassing the batter… This is the first step in the Seam Readers Process and should be the first thought in a batter’s mind when they approach the plate. The reason we want to Think Fastball and React to everything else is because the fastball is the most common pitch and the only one that can blow right by a hitter.

Generally, four-seam fastballs are easier to throw, faster, and have a straighter trajectory, whereas two-seam fastballs that are slower with more movement. In addition, four-seam fastballs reveal four seams in each rotation, whereas two-seam fastballs reveal only two. If you’re a baseball player or interested in it, you might know that there are 4 seam and 2 seam fastball pitches that get their names from the pitching style and rotation of the ball.

To grip the four seam fastball, place your index and middle fingertips directly on the perpendicular seam of the baseball. The “horseshoe seam” should face into your ring finger of your throwing hand . I call it the horseshoe seam simply because the seam itself looks like the shape of a horseshoe. Maybe Coach Kreber could gun his pitchers and check release and crossing the plate velocities for 2 seam and 4 seam fastballs. It would be interesting to see how the velocity drops off for each pitch across a large sample.

According to a study by Bleacher Report, Brandon Woodruff has the ultimate four-seamer in today’s game. Before one understands what pitches look like it is best to understand the Seam Readers Process. This is the correct approach to be a Seam Reader and never be fooled at the plate again. Since the 2009 introduction of pitch tracking boxes such as FoxTrax airing buy hittrax on MLB broadcasts, umpires have been under the microscope. In the past, bad umpire calls were chalked up as “part of the game” and brought a seemingly needed “human element” to a game that has since been dominated by numbers. Manager challenges and replay reviews have removed — but also corrected — the influence that field umpires have on the game.

It doesn’t sink as much as a 2 seamer might but at this level at least the kids seem to have a lot of problems making solid contact with the pitch. Eventually he’ll have to learn to throw a 2 seamer to give a different look but for now he’s effective with the movement from the 4 seamer. One idea that comes to mind is that he may have more of his fingers in touch with the baseball on his 4-seamer if his hands are small. He could be just gripping the 2-seamer with his finger tips but reaching across the horseshoe for the 4-seamer he may have all of the pads of his fingers on the baseball. His coach likes his two seamer as he gets pretty good movement on it.