60 Best Bob Haircuts For Black Women You May Love To Try!

Transparency is important to us at Refinery29, if you have any questionsplease reach out to us. These low-maintenance style ideas will have you reaching for the scissors. Sky Kim is a hairstylist with over a decade of experience. She currently works at Serge Normant at John Frieda in New York City.

God, I love it when I see a unique hair color combo. This super short and curly bob has been dyed in a fabulous golden brown color and subtly highlighted with a gorgeous maroon shade. The bob itself is super voluminous at the back and finished off with some swooped bangs in the front. This is one of the best short bob hairstyles for black women. Experiment with your hair to achieve a multitude of looks.

The multidimensional color and chic scarf add depth to this effortlessly cool style. Just make sure you get your bangs cut a little on the longer side, so they won’t be too short when your curls shrink. Giant, chunky spirals make these bangs ultra-striking. Curls can sometimes be unpredictable, so use a small barreled curling iron to tame your locks and define your coils. Try to work with the direction your curls naturally fall in, so they’ll cascade down onto your forehead in chic layers.

Here’s another fun idea to change up your bob look. If your bob is of medium length, you could play around with a curling iron to create tight curls to transform it into a shorter bob, as pictured above. Add a slight A-line structure to it and part it to the side to add some funk to your look. The Umbrella bob is the epitome of sleek with its poker straight styling and side part that created an air of sexiness and mystery around Rihanna.

Side-swept bangs, like Sandra Oh is rocking here, are a bit easier to manage than the kind that cuts straight across. In its iconic music video, she sports a heavily beaded long bob that she absolutely slays and carries off with aplomb. I’m sure you’re already making a hair appointment at your salon to achieve this absolute perfection of a look. This bright green look is pretty out there for the most daring of us.

Here, waves, coils, curls, straight, and even no strands all come together as one community. Let’s connect, educate, and inspire each other through hair. Long black hair has a dark, rich and shiny color with a length that provides versatility.

A twist has been added by cutting some short, straight cut bangs that end slightly above her eyebrows. Perfectly edged bobs are always the best black women bob haircuts. You know how in 90s cartoons the characters just had two-dimensional blobs of color on top of their heads that was supposed to be their hair? This bob cut sported by Zendaya with perfectly trimmed edges is kinda like that, in the best way possible. A little quirky with its poker straight hair and bangs, this hair look may require weekly trims to maintain its structure but the end result is totally worth the effort. When looking for current long layered hairstyles with bangs, you should put a pin on this cut.

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