7+ Best Digital Business Card Solutions in 2023 Create Your Card

While it may seem gimmicky, this lightweight plastic business card will still comfortably slide into a wallet or fit in a standard business card holder. This fitness trainer’s business card shows her customers exactly what the results of her personal training program will be. With a foldable perforated edge, potential customers get to literally “lose the flab” of this business card, giving them a memorable, interactive experience. This unique experience stands out from the competition and is much less likely to be thrown out or forgotten by a future customer. He spends his time working with businesses to create content-forward marketing plans.

We suggest investing in digital business card apps that allow you to send custom messages along with your digital business cards. That way you can provide leads with a bit of context and ensure they remember you when they view your card. If you’re looking to convert your company from physical to digital business cards, then Linq is going to be one of the best options.

Well-designed business cards will be unique, aesthetically pleasing and will communicate what you do effectively. The best business card for you is the one that best represents who you are and what you do. Gimmicks can be fun, but unless carefully designed to match your brand, they may just come off tacky or immature. Always focus first and foremost on high-quality prints of well-designed, aesthetically pleasing cards.

Two companies that got it right with dynamic QR code virtual business cards are Haystack and Beaconstac. Dibiz is a digital business card that is smart, elegant & affordable. Design your business card in 2 minutes, it’s easy, elegant, and free.

Because you’re sharing your contact details with them, they can connect with you anytime. One of the best features of digital business cards is the tracking and analytics data you won’t get from a physical card. Choose pellman’s cheesecake an app with a simple interface where you can easily create digital business cards. You might recognize QR Code Generator as a QR Code platform, but it also offers a QR Code-based digital business card solution.