8 Paint Colors That Pair Beautifully with Yellow Wood Floors

Painting wood floors isn’t hard if you follow a few tips and use the right products. The steps are the same to paint over previously painted wood floors or painting over bare wood floors. I also added a carpet runner to the stairs of the North House Lodge.

Wondering how to match wall colors with wood floors? Hardwood floor colors come in many tones and there are wood carving tattoo endless potential wall color combinations. The first wall color that compliments grey floors is white.

If the moldings have already been removed, I sometimes just use the roller exclusively but that decision is up to you. Once the floor is primed and undercoated, apply your topcoat of Farrow & Ball Modern Eggshell. Farrow & Ball Modern Eggshell is a semi-gloss/sheen that’s extremely hardwearing, and works beautifully on wooden floors. This water-based paint finish can be applied with a brush and/or roller. We recommend using Two Fussy Blokes rollers for an extra smooth finish.

Just make sure to choose a wall color that’s lighter than your floors in smaller rooms without much natural sunlight to open up the space. The deep blue-green painted floors in this modern-style barn space were inspired by the surrounding coastal views. The homeowner chose a similar shade for the cabinets to complement the warm wood tones of the rustic room. While painted wood floors might be a bit divisive, if our Instagram feed is any indication, they’re certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. Interior designers and bloggers alike have posted images of stunning interiors to the social media platform that are inspiring us to pick up a paintbrush. White, off-white or other neutral tones can look very attractive in rooms with red-toned wood floors, too.

However I noticed you mentioned only a light sand is needed. Oh dear, that sometimes happens when either the floor is not properly prepared (sanded, etc.) or when the actual paint application is not done in a uniform manner. Anyways, you can try sanding the thicker areas with a fine grit and then touching it up with the paint. As for the sealants, check out the Winmax range . You can give them a call for future advise, I am sure they will be happy to assist you with their product range. If the paint is chipping off in fairly remote corners of the room, you can definitely do a light sand and touch up job.

When it comes to neutral colors, this timeless color scheme is pretty foolproof. We added a big chalkboard and painted out the bench in the room as you walk into it. It is just going to be a fun space for the new home owners.