8 Paying Spiritual Markets for Writers! by Tatiana Claudy

Brand Monitoring Monitor your product name, brand, competitors, keywords, authors, or any other topics. Articles should be unique and original content. Please don’t copy something from a different website without properly quoting and/or sourcing the content. Articles must be a spiritual or self-help related topic. While other topics are interesting, they won’t fit in with our audience. If your post has been accepted, please expect a response within 5 business days.

Authored by Etienne Charland, the emergence guardian, psychic bodyguard, and Starseed initiator. Founded and facilitated by Christine Sine, God Space is a community where writers can share life lessons related to their Christian practices and beliefs. It also provides comprehensive resources that can help you live a well-maintained and sustainable life.

When the article complies with all of the submission guidelines, it is delivered to us as a Google document or a Word document to the email address provided. Choose a title that is both interesting and engaging. Furthermore, the topic of your guest post must be related to “Spiritual” that must not be covered before on our blog. Ensure your guest post blog does not promote or advertise any products or websites.

Article can contain links to external articles as long as they are related and add value. Please double check your work for errors before submitting — we’re a small team so you’ll have a better chance of getting published if your piece is polished and error-free. About – Liara Covert of Dream Builders Australia writes about simplifying and transforming your life, harnessing the energy of your dreams, and more.

If you submit guest posts to our spiritual blog, make sure they are open-minded and non-judgmental. I looked for other venues to expand my publishing opportunities for my spiritual experiences. In my dentist’s office, I found Creation Illustrated magazine, which featured nature articles from a Christian perspective. During my long walks around the farm I learned valuable lessons from nature – especially when I stepped on the “shaky ground” of the wetland. So far, I have written seven pieces about my personal stories and spiritual insights in for this publication. We seek to provide spiritual nourishment and thoughtful and practical articles for women in graduate school, professional school, or on faculty.


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