All that glitters is not gold

I am grateful for such a professional service. It means a lot for our team to hear the feedback. We’re always looking for ways to improve our service, and so we find comments, such as yours, very helpful. It is essential to take care of the transfers as soon as you purchase the flights and accommodation. has come to the point where people do not doubt our experience. As a result, we have saved major money for our customers worldwide, and we keep sharing these deals with you for even more significant discounts now.

The best RH could do was refund us and we were forced to to pay 50% more than we budgeted. I feel terrible and so should room hustlers. Save major money when booking hotel deal with Roomhustlers. When we analyze websites, we try to find details that reveal key information about the professionalism of a business – e.g., poor customer service, how they sell, etc. For instance, if we look at a restaurant’s website, we don’t rate how tasty the food is, but rather how they sell it online .

For 299+taxes at roomhustlers I got Sahara for 4 nights. I was a bit disappointed to pay resort fees 100 bucks on the spot, but that’s how Vegas works. I really recommend going to Sahara – brand new casino, perfectly equipped rooms, reasonable prices at the restaurant.

However, hotel room rates are a complicated matter, with prices depending not only on the dates of stay but also on the agreements online travel agencies have with hotels. We want to be transparent with our customers, so we have to admit that it seems, in your case, our competitor managed to beat our price. While disappointing for us, sometimes that can happen.

Unfortunately, our booking partners made a mistake, and without our knowledge, your reservation was canceled. We have tried to make things right and contacted the hotel, but unfortunately, the hotel has refused to refund the already paid amount. Because of this reason, we had shop berthaux no chance to re-book the hotel for the agreed price. My GF booked an all inclusive stay at a resort in Tulum 2 months in advance. She was worried to trust a start-up but I told her to go for it. We arrived today and the front desk told us the reservation was cancelled.

I had the opportunity to work with Emma and she was absolutely phenomenal! She was patient, answered all of my questions, and went out of her way to make sure she was getting me the best deal. Service like that makes me so comfortable to use a 3rd party platform and I would definitely recommend it. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. This website reflects top accommodation & vacation rental deal providers, and popularity and user base plays its part.

And I contacted Roomhustlers support to ask them if that’s possible that we stay at the same hotel. Though it took sometime to agree for them, but they did everything. We agreed that I purchase 2 vouchers and we put it as a one reservation, then I chose the resort in Playa del Carmen all inclusive and we all five stayed at the same place.

But, beyond that, he wonders why legitimate businesses would accept a reservation through a third party that tries to deceive their customers. Francis Popiel made the worst booking mistake ever when he booked the right hotel on the wrong site. Beyond our commitment to our customers, is also committed to our environment. If you have dealt with their business, how would you rank it? Please share your experience by leaving a review/comment in the section located at the bottom of this article. didn’t respond to messages seeking comment on Popiel’s case. The site describes itself as an intermediary focused on “connecting travelers” to bargains. “As an independent travel network, we can get you the same deals you expect with a bigger travel agency or direct from the hotel,” it adds. I wanna travel once Japan and I know it’s expensive. So I use this opportunity to at least book hotel with cheap price. Booking is very easy, with amazing deals and quick customer service.