Baseball Savings Reviews USA 2022

About an hour later I received a reply and l received my product today, Friday. Great service, speedy delivery, and quality product. I was so impressed I took advantage of the clearance specials and placed another order.

It took them close to a month to give mea refund and every single representative I spoke with lied on my face. A few days ago they had the audacity to send me an email asking to review items. Basically they will only post a positive review.

This is my second purchase from Baseball Savings. The first time, the bat bag arrived late. This time, the wood bat arrived defective–a diamond-shaped piece was cut out of the bat’s handle. I was told a new one would be expedited to me and arrive 2 days later .

Guaranteed would arrive in two days guaranteed. Customer service said they had no record of the previous, hour long conversation with their customer service. Then they refused to remove the the charges already billed to my credit card, until they received the item, never received, back.

Anyone with these two attributes is on their way to being a baseball star, but these qualities only represent half of the requirements needed for success. Being a better player also requires the use of good baseball equipment. One of the companies that claim to provide the best baseball equipment is Baseball Savings. However, you should read reviews of Baseball Savings here to know if they have been efficient in providing top-notch baseball equipment.

On top of this, customers report slow shipping times and multiple charges to their account after only making one purchase. The absolute worst company I have ever dealt with after coaching baseball for 20 years. First off they don’t honor any online coupons. They say they are note affiliated with the people offering them. One hour on the phone with customer service.

I will never do business with this company again and would not recommend it to any one else or any of the coaches I mentor. The price of baseball equipment depends on what you’re buying and its quality. By the time you purchase everything you need from top to bottom, you can expect to spend a few hundred dollars. Cleats could be expensive if you buy a name brand, but the only karamo botox other items that might cost you a pretty penny are your glove and bat. If you want them to last a long time and have optimal performance, you’ll want to go high-end and get the best type of leather and a composite bat. However, if you’re buying baseball gear for a child or to use recreationally, you could save a few hundred dollars by getting more practical, less fancy items.