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It is one of the best natural hairstyles for the beach if you are looking for something different than the regular backward cornrows. I think it’s one of the best black hairstyles for swimming as it would also take a little time to dry off and moisturize. If you are looking for natural hairstyles for the pool, this one also works perfectly. I definitely like rocking quick natural hairstyles and this one is one to consider. If you are looking for the best beach vacation hairstyles for black hair, I recommend going with a style that would be easy for you to maintain like this one. Finding the perfect natural hairstyles for the beach was my top priority.

Swimming every day with natural hair can be really hard to maintain especially if your hair tends to shrink and even worse, develop tight knots. My hair typically really shrinks when wet, and if I don’t care for it the right way to start off, then this means I will spend hours later trying to fix and smooth out my hair. Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Oil Treatments – I am SO EXCITED about these three little oil treatments! Soft & Beautiful came up with three oil blends that can be used for styling, pre-poos, hot oil treatments, as you please! They’re incredibly affordable and the ingredients list is on point. There’s Olive Oil with Shea Butter, Creamy Aloe and Vitamin E, then there’s the castor oil blend with Tea Tree, and Ultra Nourishing with Coconut Oil.

They smell great, are easy to travel with, and the ingredients lists are impressive. Carol’s Daughter Hair Balm Nourishing Liquid Pomadeis a great alternative to heavier hair greases, while somehow managing to be light and penetrative. Ponytails have been trending ever since Beyoncé sported her super high version at the Met Gala. Add some flair to your beach attire by donning the super high ponytail this summer, too. Dream World’s Large Satin Bonnet, which she says is perfect for chunkier braided styles. Un-ruly was created to celebrate and inspire the versatility and beauty of Black hair and women.

Keep them long and flowy or opt for a pony-tail or cute updo that will take you straight from the beach to the bar. Your natural hair will also be protected from UV sun rays, sand and wind meaning it will remain moisturized and hydrated for longer. If your hair is on the thicker side (like DiDonato’s) start with a few generous sprays of heat protectant and then roughly straighten your hair.

It uses cornrows combined with a larger back braid for a sleek look that is beach ready. Rinsing hair right afterwards is the most underestimated, yet important step in after-swim hair care. It gets rid of a lot of the chlorine or salt before it binds to your hair. They may seem unstylish but I believe they can be quite chic if done right.

Then, I completed my routine with a cream product to prevent moisture loss. As I Am’s Long & Luxe Curl Enhancing Smoothie is made with passion fruit, so of course I fell in love with the smell and its thick consistency which doesn’t weigh down my blonde strands in front of hair hair. R+Co.’s High Dive Moisture and Shine Cream is a little more lightweight and truly delivers on the shine. With every couple of inches, make sure to pull in any loose hairs to incorporate into the twist and secure with bobby pins as you go.

In the shower, I used a co-wash instead of a regular shampoo. As I Am’s Coconut Cowash, which contains castor oil and coconut oil, has been a standard in my hair routine for years and it’s super affordable. If my hair still felt like it needed some love, I used a conditioner with the winner being Oyin Handmade’s Honey Hemp, or should I say, a miracle worker with an addicting scent. Repeat with the rest of your hair until it’s about 80 or 90 percent dry, then run your diffuser along your roots for extra volume.

First, part your hair all the way down the middle to create two sections of hair, then work on one half at a time. If your hair is dry, dampen it slightly with a spray bottle full of water and brush it through. Mia, who has color-treated hair, recommends applying a deep-treatment mask to your hair to hydrate it while you style. Once the entire ponytail has been curled, remove the hair tie and and use your fingers to tousle and separate the curls.

This will allow some curls to pop amongst the others. This style looks chic and sophisticated — and bonus, it’s easy to achieve. Let your natural texture shine through, styling in a deep side part, then pin back one side like Issa Rae. Try this half-updo, seen on Gabrielle Union, for a fun twist on a casual style. To achieve this look, box braids are pulled up into a half bun, but the end of the braids are left out for a cascading face frame. One of the most empowering parts of natural hair is how incredibly versatile it is.

Apply a small amount of leave-in treatment to both sides, making sure to distribute evenly. Tie the scarf into a knot – or a bow if you have enough material – and secure any loose pieces with bobby pins. For a more relaxed look, allow some face-framing pieces to hang loose and blow freely in the wind.