Best Fishing Spots in BDSP Best Rare Pokémon Tips & Tricks Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

You can expect to find plenty of Ice types here, including Sneasel, Swinub, Delibird, Snorunt, Glalie, Walrein, and Snover. Spheal and Sealeo can also be found in Pokémon Shining Pearl. Of course, you can still find plenty of non-Ice types origin upstream service unavailable like Magnemite, Tauros, Mareep, Meditite, Pachirisu, and more. Notably, you can catch both Beldum and Munchlax here with relative ease—two of the hardest Pokémon to track down in the original releases of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl.

In Pokemon games, having a fishing rod lets you fish Water-type Pokemon from any body of water without the need to use Surf. The feature is still available in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, where you will have access to three different fishing rods, the Old Rod, Good Rod, and Super Rod. They all work the same — simply stand next to the water and use the item by choosing which rod you want to use from the Bag. However, each fishing rod allows you to encounter different Pokemon, with Super Rod giving you the best chance at confronting the rarest and strongest Water-type Pokemon.

Shortly after walking into Route 209 from Hearthome, players should spot a fisherman standing by himself on a small dock near the water. If players already have an Old Rod, he will gift them a Good Rod for no charge at all –what a nice guy! Players can head into their key item menu to register it to the Switch’s + button if they would like. Those who want to catch ’em all in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will need to get their hands on the Super Rod, the best fishing item available in both remakes.

Rather than using bait, lures with Pokémon designs are used. At the Safari Zone, a fishing rod is distributed with the Safari Balls, as seen in EP035. Ash and Misty both participated in a Seaking Catching Competition in Hook, Line, and Stinker. The player is allowed to defeat, catch or simply run away from any encounters found this way without the chain breaking. The only ways to break the chain are by not reeling in any Pokémon or by exiting the area. It is possible to check the longest chain done by the player with a Fisherman in Route 16.

Further in the game, trainers will also gain access to the Good Rod and Super Rod, which have the ability to catch a larger variety of Water-type Pokémon at higher levels. The only place that the fishing rod will not work is in the water bodies that can be found in the Grand Underground. Using the Old Rod in the Grand Underground will trigger the “wild Pokémon meme,” saying, “Rowan’s words echoed…There’s a time and place for everything! How to Get Talk to the fisherman at the Fight Area, nearest to gate leading to Route 225.

The previous world record did also have some fights you would have to beat to complete it. But a new trick found in the Pokémon using the fishing rod lets you bypass most of the game. Assigning the fishing rod to two different quick select slots again lets you interrupt anything you want. And talking to a particular NPC lets you walk high above the map, eventually all the way to the Pokémon league. Make your way through the route until you get to an area with water and wooden piers. Fishing rods are really important tools for players in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.