Bistreaux Specialties Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux

So, first off- thanks to the neon sign! I didn’t really want to visit a chain restaurant… Especially if it’s a place I can eat at if I’m back in San Diego. Place the shrimp in a medium bowl and season with 1/2 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp black pepper.

Their hard work, dedication and commitment to their vision paid off when Walk-On’s Bistreaux and Bar opened on September 9, 2003. Over the next few years, Walk-On’s continued to expand as they tried to fulfill their mission of delivering a memorable game day experience with a taste of Louisiana – created by an All-American team. And there are tons of recipes online for crawfish cream sauce. It can be busy, especially on nights where sports games are playing, but the staff knows how to keep up with orders and customers well. At Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux, you are meant to experience the spirit of game day every day. Whether you came to watch the game or gather with family and friends, Walk-On’s is a restaurant that encourages daily celebration.

Bayou Pasta is so rich and succulent with lots of plump Louisiana crawfish tails mixed into a creamy sauce with fettuccine and perfectly seasoned, battered and fried gulf shrimp. The Spouse’s catfish meal was quite an experience. The breaded fillets were what one might expect from fried catfish, but I actually preferred the fried crawfish bits and the étouffée, both of which embodied more bold and interesting flavors. Most notable, however, was this entrée’s portion size. We ate and ate and ate and hardly put a dent in the monstrous platter.

The food was mediocre and non seasoned . There were other restaurants of course being in New Orleans but I was leaving back home and didn’t want to go in search for some food. I just asked for it to be fixed and I had had full intentions on paying for it. I politely explained to her that I was on vacation and I’m good . My understanding they just re- opened after being closed to Covid . We were there during Essence and I understand the kitchen manager may have been under a lot of pressure .

“Whether you’re here for dinner with the family, date night, cocktails with the girls or to watch a game on the big screen, we’re always happy to share our Louisiana culture with you,” said Jackson. As one might suspect, pub grub is the name of the game at Walk-On’s. You’ll sat score of 1350 find appetizers like fried pickle chips, mozzarella sticks, boneless wings, spinach and artichoke dip, and Cajun Queseaux . I noticed fried alligator ($12) in the lineup and had to give it a try. As for the dessert, we went with the skillet cookie sundae and it wasn’t bad.

And, as much as I do get impatient- I was chill last night. Pour the buttermilk and mustard over the seasoned shrimp and combine. Working in batches, use a slotted spoon to remove the shrimp from the buttermilk and transfer to the seasoned flour.

Once the butter has melted, season the chicken with 1 tablespoon of the Essence and 1/2 teaspoon of the salt and add the chicken to the pan. Sear the chicken until well browned on both sides, about 2 minutes. Add the onions and habaneros to the pan and saute until the onions are softened and lightly caramelized, about 4 to 5 minutes.

They did not receive much actual playing time, but while being with the team, they traveled across the country and were able to visit some great restaurants and sports bars. They soon realized the demand for a similar concept in Baton Rouge. Which was marked as one of their specialties. The shrimp and crawfish were cooked to perfection and the taste of the whole meal was amazing! I didn’t eat the whole dish and I imagine if I did, I would have felt very sluggish as the sauce was pretty heavy. Their prices are really reasonable as well.