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The buyer side (a so-called Tier-1 buyer is a direct buyer, Tier-2 is a buyer of the Tier-1 buyer, Tier-n is a buyer at any level in the Cloud Network Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd. distribution network). Big thanks to showing your interest in SEAIR Exim Solutions. We’ve currently received your request for data information. We will return on the same query in a short span of time.

Checked all devices,,,, nothing with that address .. Financial values in the chart are available after Cloud Network Technology Kft. Our Customer Care Team members are expert users of ImportGenius and are ready to help maximize your experience. Setting and meeting sustainability goals for own products of guyana gold jewelry Pte.

HS or HTS codes are a global standard used to describe the type of goods being shipped .The World Customs Organization manages the Harmonized Tariff Description and Coding System . Over 170 countries participate in the WCO’s HTS system. The first six digits of the HTS code marking of all articles in international trade are the same for all countries using the HTS. The last two or four digits are country-specific.

ABRAMS world trade wiki not only shows direct suppliers and buyers of the first tier (Tier-1). Our tool Supply Chain Intelligence breaks the visibility barrier beyond Tier-1, enabling a comprehensive insight into the entire supply chain network, providing multi-tier transparency with just one click. Each tier in the buyer side of the supply chain or supply network of Cloud Network Technology Singapore Pte. The more tiers, the more expensive the product gets. Supply chains are normally not very transparent, trade secrets are part of the survival tactics in each stage of the value chain, especially for trading companies. The performance of a company depends fundamentally on its buyers.

Some possibilities I’ve identified from the internet are a smart TV possibly a Sony, an HP computer/laptop, an HP printer, or a Playstation. Multiple reports for the Sony smart TV and Playstation. It’s possible some of the Playstations are using a network chipset that is coming up as Cloud Network Technology. Check the network settings on the PS4 and see if it’ll show you the MAC address from it’s network adapter.

Unfortunately, I still cannot figure out what, specifically, CNT makes in Samoa, or anything else about the company for that matter. Perhaps CNT is DBA under a different name, but there are quite a few companies at their address and so I was not able to delve further into the company. Another aspect is that in addition to CNT there is also a similar company called Cloud Network Technology Singapore Pte. Along with numerous other similar technology companies, all are subsidiaries of HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD; aka the huge Taiwanese multinational electronics manufacturer named FOXCONN Technology Group. I have lived at two places in the last six months and at both spots I have noticed this unusual device attached to the WiFi network.

„Parts and accessories of automatic data-processing machines or for other machines of heading 8471, n.e.s.” Parts and accessories of automatic data-processing machines or for other machines of heading 8471, n.e.s. We do not mediate buying, selling of products or services.

Funny thing, my network guard identified the other side as “Lets Encrypt”… It popped up today, just as I bought a Playstation. I was scanning my wifi for media servers, and there it was . That can’t be a coincidence, going by other views.

Based on the development of current shipments and changes in international suppliers and routes, it is possible to analyze the extent to which Cloud Network Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd. has already made efforts in recent months and years, to focus on environmentally relevant aspects, like carbon footprint and sustainability in its business activities. Each tier in the supply chain or supply network on the supplier side of Cloud Network Technology Singapore Pte. The more tiers, the more difficult it is to analyze and monitor the business partners. Suppliers of suppliers are generally unknown, so there is already an increasing risk at the second level.

ABRAMS world trade wiki not only shows direct suppliers and customers of the first tier (Tier-1). With just one click in our tool Supply Chain Intelligence you get a comprehensive insight into the supply network with multiple tiers (Tier-n) beyond the first tier. This risk should not necessarily be limited to the direct business partner , it involves the entire supply chain, unless sufficient alternative suppliers and buyers have been put in place. This applies both in the area of procurement as in the area of sales . It could be any number of devices that happen to be using a network chipset from Cloud Network Technology. CNT is a subsdiary of Foxconn, which is the company that manufactures a ton of devices that are sold here ranging from cheap little things to iPhones and PCs.