Debunking The Ancient Onion-Sock Remedy: What To Know As We Enter Flu Season

Eating these vegetables provides antioxidants that can have health benefits, but they are unlikely to prevent or cure disease.” Footfiles explores the age-old idea that placing raw onions in your socks while you sleep can ward off bacteria, foot odor, fever, toxins and even cure a cold or flu. Another “hack” involving onions consists of soaking chopped onions in water for up to 12 hours and then drinking the onion water, claiming it clears congestion. There is also no research that specifically proves the claim of onions on feet are wrong, either. However, the reasons that people claim onions in socks work are questionable.

A 2002 review on the health benefits of onions notes that they are indeed rich in sulfuric compounds. However, this is as far as the evidence to support the onion in sock home remedy goes. The old-world remedy, still popular in Ayurvedic medicine, is based on the belief that a cut raw onion has the ability to absorb toxins and purify the blood. Onions, like garlic and other alliums, get their pungency from sulfur compounds, which work as the plants’ defense mechanism. They also give them their distinctive flavors, as well as the ability to kill microbes and repel insects.

It is also linked to the Chinese medicinal practice of reflexology. Flu activity has been very high this year, even though it is just the start of flu season. Could adding some more sautéed onions to your marinara sauce or adding some diced onions to your salad help lower your cholesterol?

Onions have powerful natural antibiotics that help fight viral and bacterial infections. However, reusing the same onion slice is not at all recommended. When considering new treatments for cold and flu, it is always a good idea to speak to a doctor first. Any claims of effectiveness are based on anecdotes rather than research.

This is why keeping slices of onions inside the socks overnight can help cleanse the body and absorb toxins, this further heals several ailments by putting onions at the right pressure points. Putting onions in your socks won’t home remedies for pig diarrhea hurt you, but it probably won’t help, either. To get the full benefit from onions and to help your body recover from or prevent an illness, try eating them as part of a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.