Elven Names Guide Examples and Naming Conventions for 5E

Liselle is a High Elf character featuring in the Warhammer games. The name Liselle is of English and French origin, and its meaning is unknown. Lauriel is a lovely elf female name to call a baby. The name Lauriel is of Latin origin and means “laurel,” “sweet bay tree,” and “symbol of victory” as the laurel bay tree or a crown of laurel leaves symbolizes victory.

This Norwegian name is a more user-friendly form of the Old English Ælfgifu from which it evolved. We think this is a beautiful elvish name in general but especially for a much longed-for child. This modern Hebrew name evolves from the word aggadah. Aggadah is a compendium of texts written by rabbis. They document historical stories and folklore as well as practical advice in a variety of areas.

As far as naming goes, their first and last names can be quite a mixed bag, often showing some western influence here and there. Rove through the name generator, or just below it you’ll find the names of the Top 10 Male and Female Tolkien-elves. Tolkien’s Legendarium – and I use that word with relish because he created a legendary universe! – breathed life back into many races in the realm of fantasy.

There are a few common spellings with sounds that are uncommon to English-speaking ears, so we’ll run through a few basics on how to pronounce elf names. When you pick a name for your male elf, think about their personality and style. For example, the name ‘Garrik’ means ‘one who fights with a spear’. This is highly unusual for an elf so makes a great name for a rebellious male elf that likes to get his hands dirty in battle. On the flipside, ‘Thalien’ relates to comedy or comic poetry.

In many fantasy stories involving elves, we often run into good elves that lead the good guys to victory. If you are looking for some fantastic Elf names, check this list below. Unleash your imagination and explore the fantasy names that will catapult your kiddo into creativity! Fantasy names for boys, fantasy names for girls, and gender-neutral picks include everything from Greek gods and goddesses, folklore, and modern pop culture icons. Ylthin is a Sylvan elf ranger character from the Heroes of Might and Magic V game. The origin and meaning of the name Ylthin is unknown.

This is an elf baby name from the sindarin language. Here are some of our favorite dark and deadly boy names. They are good at magic and weapons which makes them excellent bella torre restaurant mages and warriors. Taarie is an Altmer high elf tailor who appears in the Skyrim game. The origin and meaning of the name Taarie, Taari, or Tarie is unknown.

While we did say we wanted to avoid too many elven names from Lord of the Rings, we couldn’t leave Legolas off the list. An unstoppable fighter, Legolas was one of the most popular elves in the movie trilogy. Álfur is on the list of officially approved baby names in Iceland.