GIS Application Developer Nature Conservancy of Canada

Facility Space Utilization and Facility Condition Assessments . Tasks include but are not limited to maintenance of various GeoBase data layers, creation of new data layers, performing spatial analysis, collection/maintenance of GeoBase features. Project assignments will include field collection of data to support projects performed at multiple Air Force facilities across the country. Must have experience working with Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment . Position requires traveling to project sites for data gathering.

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Many small towns cannot afford to hire a full-time GIS expert and outsource GIS services related to urban planning. Mapping for land suitability, modeling, and analysis are a few tasks in demand. A GIS CAD Designer earns on average more than $80k and contracts with programming assistance to develop concept plans and prototypes for a particular project requirement. According to the project demand, a CAD designer uses different technologies and application software to create geographical illustrations.

When you start, it is better to participate in open mapping or humanitarian projects to build a network and gain experience instead of doing nothing. GIS technologists develop tailored maps in Geographic Information Systems applications for businesses and government departments. They extract, implement new map data, draw maps with design tools and handle data in the GIS database.

Upwork and Toptal are two well-known freelancing platforms, but they operate differently. Make a list of potential clients by looking at cities with a few thousand inhabitants. Visit their websites and social pages to evaluate their GIS content.

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Also, look to see how is sponsoring podcasts, online events, conferences. When you visit a geospatial blog do you see companies advertising on it? What ads do you see when searching for geospatial topics on google? What you are looking for here is who is already prepared to invest in getting traffic to their website and who has the budget to invest in content. Content, whether it is audio, visual, or written, especially in the context of social media, is in high demand in the marketing sector. When it comes to geospatial content, the candidate pool those employers have to pull from narrows.

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