Gluten-Free Korean Restaurants in Palo Alto, California 2022

When having japchae, experts suggest you pair it with a glass of Vouvray, a popular white wine. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. We use the latest and greatest technology available to provide the best possible web experience. Even if lots of people are waiting outside, the wait for a table is pretty quick. Around Stanford, but everyone has heard about it and been there.

The Japantown restaurant regularly hosts long lines of beef lovers, but grabbing takeout from here is a straightforward and speedy endeavor. Also worth trying is the seolleongtang ($18), a fortified ox marrow bone soup that you season to your taste with salt and pepper. Chungdam is an outright gorgeous restaurant, full of artistic touches like geometric, cloud-like light fixtures and subtly designed decorative ceramics.

I recently had a vegetarian course there that was equally satisfying. Grilled leeks that you didn’t want to end and a portobello mushroom that needn’t be smothered in sauce to enjoy. But mostly go for the comfort of food that is well made and served with grace. The social interaction isn’t forced but really enhances the evening especially with the long tasting menu.

The chicken here is double-fried for maximum crunch and has an impressive lightness to it. Even more impressive is that the boneless version ($14/$27) is just as tender and moist as the bone-in variety ($8/$15/$28). While most customers come for the chicken, the restaurant’s unique Volcano Mash dishes, cheesy casseroles with sweet potato fries and tater tots, are ideal stoner food.

Served unseasoned, the soup is meant to be flavored to your liking with salt, pepper and chopped scallions. (Get the galbitang if you want something that already comes punched up.) Also try the version with beef tendons ($23), boiled until the pieces become super-soft, but still toothy. The what colors are associated with halloween line for Kunjip’s indoor and outdoor tables tends to be long at peak times, so budget in some extra time for dinner. Delicious food with interesting selection of the ingredients that truly represents authentic Korean dishes. I was feeling extremely happy and walked out with a big smile.