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Once the virtual assistant service of Google is activated, Android phone users could turn on their flashlights using the Harry Potter magic spell. The news outlet notes that when users of iPhones blurted out the word “Lumos,” their mobile devices activated their flashlight as if it was a magic wand from Harry Potter. “Harry Potter” fans were delighted to find out about the fun little trick their Android phones can do. The Easter egg involves “casting” the wand illumination charm to turn on the smartphone’s flashlight function. As Friday’s Engadget article said, Cortana on Android feels like an alien invader.

But seriously, Cortana, like Google and Siri, works best in her native environment. Since Windows 10 Mobile is all but extinct, Microsoft has been working to bring her features to iOS and Android, but Cortana will never have complete control like she does on a Windows device. That said, she’s not as useful in Windows Mobile as Siri is on the iPhone (you can’t even summon her with your voice), and her answers, while more often than not better than Siri’s, don’t stack up to Google’s. Apple undoubtedly started this digital assistant craze with Siri. In the real world, you can choose which assistant you hire, but in the digital world, you are, more than likely, saddled with one of these assistants, chosen for you. And, depending on which device you buy, you may or may not be able to change.

These answers, too, aren’t stored on device; I told Assistant on my iPhone what the wi-fi password was, and immediately asked Assistant on my Moto what the password was, and I was given the correct information. You see, to me it doesn’t matter so much which assistant is best, what really matters is which device you have. Depending on what your mobile platform is, it will depend on which assistant you are capable jewelry box hooks of using; for example, Bixby is relegated only to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, and Alexa only works if you have an Echo in your home. On an iPhone, Siri is going to be more capable that Google Assistant, and on a Windows Phone… just kidding. Engadget, this very week, performed an experiment of sorts, by having different writers on their page live with each of the five major assistants for an entire week.

They also have to tap the Siri app before saying the magic spell. As per a news story byLifeStyle Asia,a recent tweet from Uber Facts confirms that the Harry Potter spell “Lumos” could turn on the flagship of your smartphone. There are a number of different Harry Potter spells that iPhone and Android users can cast on their phones.

According to Mashable, with a little tweak of some settings, anyone can program their smart home assistants and smart lights to react to the word “Lumos” and “Nox.” In the films, “Lumos” is the wand-lighting charm that allows witches and wizards to light the tip of their wands to act as a flashlight. “Lumos Maxima” is the amplified version of the “Lumos” charm.

What is even cooler is this little light trick does not need to end with the smartphone. We won’t show you every single command Bixby understands in this post. Instead, we’ll focus on the most popular ones you’ll likely use often to get things done faster. Here are 25 useful Bixby commands you should try out with your new Galaxy S10. “The magical community prides itself on the fact that it does not need the many devices that muggles have created to enable them to do what can be so easily done by magic.”