Gout Treatment & Medications: Treat and Reduce Uric Acid

Being overweight can increase uric acid levels as well as put pressure on the joints. Gout attacks can last for up to 10 days or longer and often subside on their own after a week or two, but medications will speed up healing and prevent future flares. Make a list of your key medical information, including any other conditions for which you’re being treated and the names of any medications, vitamins or supplements you’re taking. Your doctor will also want to know if you have any family history of gout. This site is for educational purposes only; no information is intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

Colchicine may be used alone or with other medications. – if you’re not sure you should be taking as much Colchicine as you are, or you’re worried about side effects, talk to a doctor. They can check if you need a lower dose or if another treatment might be better for you.

Your dose of colchicine capsules may need to be changed. Patients with renal or hepatic impairment should not be given colchicine capsules with drugs that inhibit both P-glycoprotein and CYP3A4 inhibitors . Combining these dual inhibitors with colchicine in patients with renal or hepatic impairment has resulted in life-threatening or fatal colchicine toxicity. The safety and effectiveness of colchicine capsules for acute treatment of gout flares during prophylaxis has not been studied. Recent studies have shown that drinking adequate water during the 24 hours before a gout flare can decrease the intensity and recurrent gout attacks. Although it is recommended to drink freshwater rather than rely on fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and fruit juice to get enough hydration in.

90% of gout cases from my experience can be cured with proper hydration. Often it’s folks who don’t take en enough pure water to allow the uric acid to be absorbed. Cut out a diet soda and replace it with two glasses of water. The most common side effects of colchicine capsules include abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

Chronic gout can also cause tiny white lumps to appear under your skin, especially on your ears, fingers or elbows. Making lifestyle changes might stop or reduce further attacks. I also have suffered from Low IQ, obesity, chronic restless leg syndrome amount other unwanted reactions to MSG since around 1980. Those tempting yet painful buffets are what seems to be the trigger. Try European mountain lion urine on your cold salsa to get instant relief. Colchicine 0.6 Is the ONLY life changing medicine for gout and it sucks most doctors don’t even know what it is.

You have the options to try what is best for you, don’t let drs push you into something. Each of us are different, we’re not robots,what works for one, might not work for you. I wish you all the best as I continue to pray and look forward to the day I am pain free.

Colcrys doesn’t work as well as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroids to treat gout attacks. Advise patients that muscle pain or weakness, tingling or numbness in fingers or toes may occur with colchicine capsules alone or when it is used with certain other drugs. Patients developing any of these signs or symptoms must discontinue colchicine capsules and seek medical evaluation immediately. Combining these dual inhibitors with colchicine capsules in patients with renal and hepatic impairment has resulted in life-threatening or fatal colchicine toxicity. Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products.

While the painful condition is often linked to diet—i.e., consuming too much red meat, seafood, and alcohol—it also can be a common complication of hypertension management. Once the pain and swelling have subsided enough to move around again, you can resume low-impact activities again, such as walking, swimming, yoga, etc. Regular low-impact physical exercise sleeping with onions in socks is encouraged to help your circulation flush out uric acid from your blood and prevent a further gout attack. However, you can use some over-the-counter pain relievers at home to help bring the pain and inflammation down. Keep some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen at home for some immediate relief from the pain of a gout attack.

For severe cases of gout that don’t respond to the treatments above, your physician may recommend corticosteroid injections into the affected joint. Injections can also be useful for people who are sensitive to oral medication. And, fructose is known to raise the serum level of uric acid ‘unregulated.’ Check mine (and other’s comments for something that may work better for you. Good luck. Best thing to use is tart cherry juice from the health store.Buy a bottle and drink it straight in a couple days.