Hairstyles to Sleep In for Long, Medium, Short, Straight and Curly Hair

Stand up and tie the shirt sleeves to the top of your forehead. In the morning, your curls will be dry, bouncy, and frizz-free. Overnight braids are an old beauty trick, known for their ability to deliver gorgeous and even waves in the morning. In order to protect your hair from strain, keep the braids slightly loose without applying too much tension. Be sure to go to bed with dry hair because wet hair braids are more likely to be damaged. “If your hair is prone to frizz, make fast friends with a leave-in conditioner,” says Sabanayagam.

Dirty beds or pillowcases are not scientifically proven to cause hair loss. Apply only a small quantity of hair oil as some scalps can become prone to dandruff and fungal infection with the use of oil. But how do you intend for this awesomeness to stay through the night till the next day, and then the next, and the next? This is without having to go through the hassle of shampooing and styling again and again. You’ve had a fabulous runaround all day with an equally glorious hair. All the products did exactly what they were meant to, frizz stayed away, and you had a good hair day.

The name comes from Princess Leia’s hairstyle in Star Wars, gaining popularity in the late 70s. Space buns are usually two smaller buns sitting on top of your head. They are often worn with tendrils hanging down the one’s cheekbones. It’s basically a big mess of curls that resembles a pineapple. To do a pineapple, pile all your curls on top of your head using a stretchy headband or elastic. Try sectioning your hair into 10 or more sections and braiding each one from roots to ends.

This will aid in minimizing frizz to ensure you wake up to smooth, straight strands. Twists and braids of all kinds are great hairstyles to sleep in, as they protect fragile curls from friction throughout the night. In addition, they help in preserving a curl pattern or making it more defined. But do go slow with protective styles – they have to be loose enough to avoid traction.

Some popular options include French braids, fishtail braids, and rope braids, all of which are pretty easy to assemble. Experiment over several nights to find the most loc extensions curly ends comfortable overnight braids for you. One of the best ways to avoid the problem is to go for a choppy or pixie cut that naturally looks great when it’s messy.

Bantu knots are quite safe hairstyles to sleep in, but you can get even more out of them – gorgeous curls for your above-the-shoulder bob. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to wake up with perfect hair. A bit of braiding will be helpful for those who don’t know how to sleep with a bob haircut to the benefit.