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When the Empire State Building opened in 1931, then-president Herbert Hoover pressed a button from the White House to turn on the tower’s lights. The gesture was symbolic, of course—a building employee in New York actually switched on the lights. At 1,454 feet, the Empire State Building was the world’s tallest skyscraper for over four decades. When the Chrysler Building—among the most recognizable examples of Art Deco architecture—was rv storage ideas pinterest completed in 1930, it was 1,050 feet tall and took the crown for the world’s tallest building, though not for long, as the Empire State Building superseded it in 1931. Striking gargoyles decorate corners of the 61st floor, and all floors above the 71st are unoccupied, simply there to facilitate access to the spire. A gift to the U.S. from France, the Statue of Liberty was erected off the southern tip of Manhattan in 1886.

Within hours of the tram’s run the overhead wires were being pulled down and on the following morning, a Sunday, the tracks were paved over, ensuring there would be no return of the trams even if the buses which replaced them should prove inadequate. The buses were adequate even though they began running at a loss from the first day. It was later extended to Lilyfield with plans now on the drawing board for further expansion.

Five years later, a Royal Commission inspected eight plans for a harbour crossing, one of which was for twin tunnels at a proposed cost of £600,000. The next proposal was raised by Chief Engineer John Bradfield around the turn of the century in a major look of Sydney’s transport needs, a proposal from which the Harbour Bridge eventuated. The first Fig Tree bridge over the Lane Cove River was a swing bridge, similar in design to the original swing bridges at Glebe Island and Pyrmont. The single opening span over the shipping channel had a very short counterweighted section built into the abutment.

Accounts provided by relatives reveal that she socialized largely with lower-class children and that she enjoyed playing pranks and reading. She was educated in French, art, and music, all subjects designed to enable her to find a husband. With her grandparents she holidayed in Tumen’s Kalmyk summer camp, where she learned horse riding and some Tibetan. After a return to rural Ukraine, Pyotr was posted to Saint Petersburg, where the family moved in 1836. Blavatsky’s mother liked the city, there establishing her own literary career, penning novels under the pseudonym of “Zenaida R-va” and translating the works of the English novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton for Russian publication.

During this refit, the hull was stripped to bare metal, and the ship repainted in the traditional Cunard colours of matte black with a white superstructure. The new colour scheme proved unpopular with passengers, as well as difficult to maintain and so the hull reverted to traditional colours in 1983. Later that year, QE2 was fitted with a magrodome over her quarter-deck pool. During the voyage, the ship was blacked out and the radar switched off to avoid detection, steaming on without modern aids. Between the late 1970s and early 1980s, the ship was testing a new ablative anti-fouling type paint for the Admiralty which was only available in blue. When they finally made the paint available in different colours they returned QE2 anti-fouling paint to the traditional red colour.