How do you make a homemade priest costume?

Now that all of the accessories are built I can start the process of painting them and bringing them to life! That process begins by first plasti dipping all of the foam props. I prefer to spray on 2-3 light coats and wait for them to completely dry before adding any of my base coat primers. Resin cast parts were added for additional detail, along with hydraulic pipes These sold the look that the arm could easily raise and lower. Again I wanted it to at least look as though it was as functional as possible. There are a few directions you can take with a “Lady Marmalade” costume.

And even if you haven’t, they’re still pretty darn creepy at first glance. To keep things cheap, you can use any clothing you already own that looks similar to the characters’ outfits and simply add a mask. Start with a basic “robe” costume with a rope tied around your waist, and wear sandals. Here are 2 easy techniques to make a headdress.

Once I had the inner working of the voice changer where they needed to be, it was just a matter of adding additional details to the box to make it look more interesting. I placed some random wires and hoses on the box, so I could get a sense of what the finished product to look like. Again you can see a condensed build video of the servo skull on my YouTube channel. Sew a straight line across the one long edge of the 3 felt pieces.

As with all of my prop/costume builds reference pictures are key. When you start to think about making a prop or costume from a video game, movie, etc. always try and find as many reference images as you can. Once I had a bunch of Tech Priest images downloaded from google, I could start to figure out what kind of custom character I was going to create.

Cut two long rectangles of black felt (approx. 11 inches by 1.5 inches-you’ll need bigger for an adult) and a square of white felt (approx. 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches). A friend of ours made a clerical collar using construction paper, which is actually a lot easier! But this version is a little cliff jumping san juan sturdier and I’m hoping it can be used year to year. Using hot glue gun, glue wings to bottom of sleeves and side of top. Cut two triangles out of remaining felt and hot glue to top of hat. Cut construction paper into hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades and numbers to replicate a card.