How to Best Use Flashcards for the MCAT Anki and Beyond

You just word it in your own way and you can make a card of that. And it’s completely okay if you read that paragraph and you’re confused. If not, go to different sources, but once you understand it, that’s the point where you wanna make the card. First, what we’re gonna do is use this technique to review articles and websites. This technique can also be used on textbooks or documents or any kind of text-based source that you have. It’s possible your card provider is preventing us from charging the card.

Anki’s spaced repetition algorithm addresses both of these components by testing you on specific pieces of information across a range of time. Anecdotally, there are many success stories on premed forms and from Blueprint MCAT tutoring students who have used Anki to retain important information for their MCAT test prep and beyond. Although many students like to make their own notecards for the MCAT, many times, due to the worst gpa ever vast amount of content covered on the MCAT, writing your own would simply take too long. Luckily, there are many amazing pre-made MCAT Anki decks on the web that hundreds of students have used to study for the MCAT. Below we have linked some ANKI decks that we highly recommend here at MCATBros. To reiterate, none of these decks are created by MCATBros but are hosted here as they are used by many of our community members.

When preparing for and taking the MCAT can cost thousands of dollars, prospective med students will jump at the opportunity to use a free software. It does cost $25 one time on iOS, but it’s free on Android and on the web browser. Making your own Anki cards is one way to avoid the random-order problem you get with pre-made cards. While you’re studying one topic, you can simultaneously create cards for the same topic.

So hypertonic clearly, you know, there’s a net inflow of H two O so we can make a card on what is a hypotonic solution and what happens to the cell in the hypertonic solution. From the picture above, what I did was ask the question “what kind of cells are operons found in” and the answer is bacteria. So that’s what we see, an operon is a cluster of genes controlled by a single promoter, and now we have this nice diagram talking about it. And like we said, an operon is a cluster of genes controlled by a single promoter. It is a cluster of genes controlled by a single promoter, and a definition as simple as that works.

If you’re looking for a powerful way to memorize all sorts of things, Anki is the tool for you. The self-testing and spaced repetition components make it an ideal MCAT prep tool, but it can also help you learn a new language or physics formulas. Along with Anki, there are amazing tools out there to improve your MCAT Prep. Be sure to try out Jack Westin’s free Daily Passages or MCAT Diagnostic.

Each student has a preferred learning style and this should be taken into account when observing how the material is presented in each deck. In addition, not all premade decks are created equal in terms of content. Anki is a powerful tool for the memorization of a variety of things, from a new language learning to physics formulas.

This handy set of cards focuses solely on the physics equations you will need to master to ace the MCAT. At 103 cards, this is by far the smallest deck featured here. If you’re struggling with the P/S portion of the MCAT, then you definitely want to check out Cubene’s deck.