How to Use Facebook Live Video: A Step-by-Step Guide

Your other option is to view facebook live comments on your mobile device. To do this, open your Facebook app and search for your page. Click on the video stream and you’ll have access to the live comments. If you want to stream your pre-recorded video content via Facebook live, then you can do it in very simple way and FREE of cost too. To quickly set up and live stream pre-recorded video. Depending on your subscription, Castr supports video file size up to 10GB.

When you’re ready, get your stream key and start live streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously! You will find more info about how to get your stream key in the FAQs. Our upload and stream feature also helps you notify your viewers about your upcoming live events. You get a shareable link to your scheduled live stream, which you can post on all your social media accounts. You can keep your audience updated on your live streaming schedule so they can adjust their plans and show up to your broadcast. Live streaming becomes extremely easy and fun when you use OneStream Live.

Write a description — this is where you can tag friends, collaborators, or your location. Or, use the widgets at the bottom of the screen to add other elements, like Polls or links. The hamburger button in the bottom right-hand corner will give you an exhaustive list of options. Here, you can also restrict access or crosspost between channels. Each video file that you upload has to be less than 20GBs big. Each video file that you upload has to be less than 12GBs big.

What’s great about it is that you’ll easily see the most liked or commented part of the live broadcast without having to comb through the entire clip. You can also add text, which is perfect for a Premiere. This method allows you to publish previously live content, but without violating Facebook’s rules (since you’re only publishing a clip and not the entire thing). When the video is published viewers interact with each other just like they do on your live broadcasts, you can even join in on the comments. Premier videos are prerecorded videos that you schedule to go out at a specific time.

Tags help the viewers understand what they’re watching and allow the content to reach audiences outside your own. Change your privacy settings to “Only Me” apple store cape coral to view your Live video stream. You can check your sound, lighting, and angles before anyone sees you. Tap Start Live Video to begin the live broadcast.

On the Meeting tab under the In Meeting section, enable Allow livestreaming of meetings, check the Facebook option, and click Save. Under the Meeting tab (located in the In Meeting section), enable Allow livestreaming of meetings, check the Facebook option, and click Save. Video content — especially Facebook Live streams — drives higher engagement, interest, and interactions than other content. It’s a pretty safe bet this is where you should focus.

In my case, I’m letting it stream even after the video is minimized by using the option “Always play even when not visible”. According to Facebook, you can premiere videos on any Page, as long as you have admin access. Facebook and Youtube both have the facility to play pre-recorded video as if it were live.

Prerecorded video gives you time to make higher-quality videos. So, there’s a lot to think about when you’re choosing whether to make a pre-recorded video or a Facebook Live for your business. Like we’ve mentioned, try to see things from the perspective of your intended audience. However, having said all this, it doesn’t have to be a binary either-or choice.

Because live videos get more visibility than regular videos, you will make your existing content reach more people. Recently a lot of new software has come out that let you stream existing videos on Facebook, and other channels as well. Here are some of the best pre-recorded live stream Software that are available. Start streaming on YouTube or Facebook but you don’t want to go live yet, scheduling a Premiere is the best option for you. You’ll be able to enjoy the perks of live content with a pre-recorded video. It is against Facebook’s policy to stream a pre-recorded video and claim that it is a live broadcast.

You have to react to those comments and reactions. So, Let’s have a quick go through over that subject with FB live article. OneStream maintains all streaming history on social media platforms that can be accessed at any time.