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I did not want to restart the program because I was giving birth to my son. Hi Tim I came across your great article while looking at going back to school for something I can actually use. Took a couple years off and went back to finish unc pembroke division since all I had was the clinical portion only to discover they no longer offered that program BUT I could transfer my credits to a B’S in Healthcare Administration. Sounded great until I received my liberal b’s diploma in 2016.

After all, ACICS accredited seventeen institutions that were under federal or state investigation, allowing them to receive $5.7 billion in federal aid in the last three years. When it came time for graduation, I was told I could not receive my degree until I paid the balance of $2000 I still had outstanding. I questioned this amount since I already had taken student loans for this time period. They said it was my outstanding balance after my loans…funny it took until it was time to give me my degree.

Our local news that broke the story, that the school were closing it’s doors. I heard nothing for years and as of recent I’ve been garnished. An astronomical amount of interest accrual added and me left wondering. And I was equipped no prepared to even solidify a mainstream job in the field I once had a passion for.

Moreover, thousands of students have been successful in their borrower defense claims. The US Department of Education or your loan servicer will contact you once they have reviewed your application. They will inform you whether it was successful or denied. If your claim is successful, you’ll be forgiven for either all or part of your student loan debt. If your claim is denied, you will need to repay your loans, including any interest that accrued during the forbearance or collections period. A student can apply for borrower defense claims regardless of their default status on their loans.

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