Inside Jen Hatmaker’s life, Including her ex-husband and children

Lifeway Christian Resources pulled her Bible studies, she lost speaking engagements and her Christian publishing career was disrupted, though she has continued churning out books. I don’t know the reasons behind the Hatmaker’s divorce. Whatever the reasons, I can assure you that they are both reeling. They have struggled with divorce in light of their faith. They have questioned their ability to be ministers of the gospel.

He has been pastoring at the Austin church in Texas, which he co-founded in 2008 alongside his wife, Jen. He also runs the Legacy Collective, where he is a managing partner and member did the man spot get divorced of the advisory board. The NGO deals with sustainable housing, preventing child trafficking, and providing health care. And Jamie is just one of my favorite people in the whole world.

The couple did not confirm the reason for their divorce. After the rumors went on the internet, Jen asked her followers not to throw words into the air and that the reasons for the divorce are theirs only. Her fans also bombarded Brandon with questions, threats, and asking details on the divorce. He asked people to stop prying in his life and wait for updates. He said he’ll be announcing the upcoming projects soon but please stop asking about the divorce. The couple got married in 1993 and have five children together.

The show zeroed in on the family attempting to make enhancements to their home and holding more. Other than the unscripted television gigs, Brandon Hatmaker is the minister of the Austin New Church. The couple together were the heads of the congregation and dealt with the strict spot together. In any case, subsequent to being public about her perspectives on same-sex marriage and offering full help and regard to the LGBT+ people group, Jen was removed from the congregation board. Her vocation as a Christian creator and speaker likewise went down when she began condemning Donald Trump and his strategies.

On September 6, 2020, Jen Hatmaker shocked the world by revealing that she and Brandon Hatmaker were parting ways after 27 years of their marriage. recently reported a detailed biography of LuluLuvely. LuluLuvely is an American Twitch streamer, YouTuber and social media sensation who has won the hearts of many. He established the church with his then-wife, Jennifer Lynn Hatmaker, in 2008. Hatmaker has not engaged in pastoral work for a few years but is still a philanthropist and author.

When news of Jen and Brandon’s split hit the internet, many fans speculated that the latter might have cheated on the author. However, the cheating rumors — and whether any infidelity precipitated the divorce — have still not been confirmed to this day. After her admission, she started to receive death threats. People who’d bought her books mailed them back to her address; others burnt the books or tore them to shreds. Jen was advised to roll back on her statements to save her career, but she remained steadfast in her opinions. Instead of losing popularity, she gained fans who adored her bravery in the face of potential adversity.

And sometimes divorce doesn’t even feel like an option even when the marriage has become a complete misery. Or it could be that you were not expecting your marriage to blow up and you were handed a surprise. Even though quite some time has transpired since Jen and Brandon announced their divorce, they have not yet shared an official reason for their split. Back when everything was going down, Jen took to Instagram to tell fans that she and her family were “navigating an unexpected crisis.” Keep reading as we unpack all of the known details surrounding Jen’s love life and how it culminated in a split from Brandon. In 2016, Jen Hatmaker became a controversial figure in evangelicalism when she affirmed same-sex marriage and said gay relationships can be holy.

However, there were speculations that he cheated on her, which has not been confirmed. Unfortunately, in August 2020, Jen announced that they were filing for divorce on her Instagram page. Jen Hatmaker’s divorce came as a shock to many, with others speculating that Brandon had cheated on her.

She is a successful TV presenter, blogger, author, and speaker. The couple founded the Austin, Texas, based church along with Legacy Collective, a community foundation aiming to find sustainable housing, prevent child trafficking and provide health care. Many of you aren’t aware of Brandon Hatmaker’s Affair. Starting from the basics, Brandon Hatmaker is a renowned pastor, popularly known for being the former husband of Jen Hatmaker. She is a famous television presenter, speaker, and author too. They were doing good as a couple until the news of their divorce started circulating on the web, after three decades.