Is Austin Really Alan Quartermaine’s Son Raised by Jimmy Lee Holt in ‘General Hospital’ Twist?

This means that Austin is entitled to his share of the riches. Shlomo Goldberg was born in Haifa, Israel to a Romania-born mother and a Hungary-born father who immigrated to Israel. He married in 1982 to his wife Cindy, and had a daughter, Ashlee Bond, now an American-Israeli Olympic show jumping rider who competes for Israel.

Jimmy got bit by a love bug when Celia Quartermaine moved to town. Unfortunately, the trust was short-lived when Celia decided she liked Grant Putnam’s company more. So, he attempted to kidnap Celia to prevent her from leaving him for Grant. So, he turned his attention to Monica’s cousin named Lorena Sharp. Unfortunately, Lorena also ended up picking another man.

At some point in the ensuing years, Jimmy Lee and Charity moved back to Pautuck. number one sold beer in america Upon Edward’s death in 2012, Jimmy Lee was excluded from any inheritance.

However recently exonerated Grant was back and had an elaborate plan to reclaim his ex-wife. In 1984, Edward’s cousin, Celia Quartermaine had also come to town, engaged to a prominent surgeon. Celia and Jimmy felt an immediate spark and before long the two were caught up in a passionate affair. Grant Putnam, Celia’s soon to be husband, gave Celia a clear ultimatum and she chose Grant.

So, it wouldn’t come as a shock if this were true. This is Port Charles, and it is pretty common for long-lost family members to come back looking for their family. So, it is possible that Austin is also one of those long-lost family members who might have come to look for his family. With Stuart Damon recently passing, it would be a touching tribute if the storyline included his character, and lots of flashbacks, whether he’s the mysterious Austin’s father or not.

At the same time, Julian Jerome , Victor’s son, gave Duke information on Putnam’s location. However, Duke’s jeep broke down, and Robert and Putnam had a chase on snowmobiles. The pursuit continued into mountainous terrain. The chase and gunfight ended up on foot with Putnam dangling off a cliff, and Robert was able to rescue and collar the insane killer.

In the pandemonium, Luke, Celia, and Holly Sutton were ultimately captured . According toScorpio Files, Natalie arrived in Port Charles revealing that she and Grant Putnam were actually DVX agents. The DVX worked towards stealing the secrets of a powerful energy source called the Prometheus Disc. Higher-up Gregory Malko orchestrated a plan to get them from Dr. Jerrold who had developed the formula. Brian Patrick Clarkeknown for his television work as Merle on “Eight is Enough,” joined the cast of “General Hospital” in 1983 as Grant Putnam. TV Guide reported “GH” executive producer, Gloria Monty, was casting someone charming who could also play a “Jekyll and Hyde”-style character — and she did.

For about three years, Jimmy Lee Holt was in Port Charles scheming with, for, and against the Qs. Then in 1986, headed back to Pautuck where he married Charity Gatlin and they ran a country store, and he was off General Hospital. Because of this name drop, GH fans began to wonder if Austin would have some type of connection to Holt. General Hospital rumors suggest that Austin Holt is in fact a Quartermaine.

However, he had only been temporarily paralyzed, returning home after physical therapist, Natalie Dearborn , helped him recover, per Scorpio Files. The duo might never have met, had Jimmy Lee’s mother, Beatrice LeSeur, not brought him to Port Charles. “He saw Celia at a party at the Quartermaine mansion,” Bond recalled, “and it was one of those thunderbolt moments…” Throwing caution to the wind, the two began a passionate affair.