Jason Parillo

There is a noticeable understanding that the brand isn’t just selling clothing…it’s offering the means to express a lifestyle. It seems that the new Rvs program has some rules, so instructors aren’t just there to teach, but to support and help their students. In addition to the Rvs philosophy of support, we also offer a training center with classes for adults, couples, and families. There are numerous benefits to the Rvs lifestyle, one of which is the ability to take care of yourself. The philosophy of our training center is to provide an environment that allows you to take care of yourself, in an appropriate setting, with the support of qualified and experienced instructors. It’s a philosophy that allows you to take care of yourself, in an appropriate setting, with the support of qualified and experienced instructors.

In addition to continuing his worldwide seminar tour, teaching his famous elbow striking system, Nate is now offering one-on-one training to the public at the RVCA Sport Training Center in Costa Mesa. Try not to make a biased decision, and choose the right gym based on how good you think you can get there. Believe me, 4weeks2shred there are many people that join a gym and tell the coach, “Yeah, I want to be a top fighter, and go pro!” and never show up to train. If I had to guess, out of the 100 people that say that, only 1 person will actually make it there. Also, keep in mind that a lot of gyms and coaches can spread the word on fighters.

So, having a good reputation from the start can help find you that coach. If you are a beginner, try to find a gym that doesn’t have many pro fighters that demand their coaches’ attention on their top fighters. If you are a beginner, you won’t be a top fighter yet, and won’t get as much of the coaches attention when you need it most. It doesn’t matter how nice the facility may be, or how many top fighters they have there, it’s about you, and finding a gym that can take you to the top. Before diving into the training center it’s important to understand the fueling force behind the success of RVCA; the lifestyle.

However, the brand also competes in the men’s activewear space with a division called RVCA Sport. Because of its Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA focus, RVCA founder Pat Tenore built a BJJ/MMA gym known as The RVCA Training Center. RVCA was founded in 1999 by Pat Tenore and Conan Hayes, a professional surfer from Hawaii.

You can’t go from point A to point Z alone, you need to get your way to the top by finding a gym that will guide you all the way. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Expect to see a new release from VA Sport soon, with a full line of men’s activewear and a few accessories. In the mean time, shop their current line here, and be sure to give them a follow for more inside looks of VA sport. A lifestyle that embraces the balance of life, from art and industry, to work and play, to individuality and community. RVCA is the balance of opposites, and appeals to those who share in the navigation of life through the self expression of art and activity.

With several world-renowned coaches, we offer the opportunity to start your own career as a professional fighter. After his fighting career was over, Jason Parillo made the natural transition to boxing coach. For a while he trained boxers and a few MMA fighters before getting an offer from RCVA founder Pat Tenore.