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Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn are three legendary swords key to the plot of the trilogy. If you have one or more Japanese swords in your collection, do you give them names? You are certainly allowed, and encouraged to do it. You should decide what idea or image you want your pieces to convey and come up with great-sounding Japanese sword names for each of them. Use the ideas above and you will be well on your way to finding the cool-sounding names that are meant to belong to your swords.

Still, here are some sword names to include in the next bestseller. In a nutshell, evil was winning, so the gods on the excellent side sought help from a higher being who created a powerful animal after making sacrifices. Some say they have traced their existence back to the copper and bronze age around 3300 BC. Humans were using sharpened rocks as weapons by this time, and they weren’t that long. Check out the list provided if you’re seeking some Awesome Minecraft sword names.

In a fit of pique one day, he flayed a horse and threw its body into a weaving loom before excreting on the floor of the palace. He was exiled for this act and found paddington bear stuffed toy himself in Izumo province. Virtually every culture has tales of heroes and gods that have done battle with insurmountable foes — and they each had a suitable weapon.

This weapon’s name translates as “water stopper.” It was a guardless, pale wood katana used by Love Hina‘s Motoko Aoyama. The name likely comes from the weapon’s ability to cut through the flow of a waterfall. Legend describes Balisarda as a magical sword explicitly made to fight magical beings and objects.

The following is a list of famous sword names that are unique and have actual meanings. These sword names are not common; instead, they are famous all around. This legendary sword features prominently in the stories of the legendary warrior Roland. This military general was in service of the Frankish/Lombard ruler Charlemagne (r. 768 – 814 CE) His most notable excursion was the Battle of Roncevaux Pass in 778. According to myth all of these figures bore legendary swords with which they performed deeds of heroism. To some this may be one of the coolest Japanese sword names on this entire page.

However, it must be noted that katana names can differ by gender. So if you think of your sword like a girl then the names are going to be slightly different from a boy sword. Legend describes it as belonging to a man known as Rhydderch Hael. He was considered one of the most generous men in Britain. Odin thrust a sword inside a tree and said whoever could withdraw it wilded the most powerful weapon known to man.

Onofledis –A name of German origin and means shows her sword. Ili –Of Marathi origin and means a stick shaped like a sword. Ili –A name of Sanskrit origin and means a stick shaped like a sword. Hjordis –Means a sword goddess and is of Norse origin. Gerla –Means one with a sharp spear and is of German origin.

Agilberta –German in origin and means famous sword of combat. Husamettin –of Turkish origin and means sharp sword. Medusa is said to have snakes in her hair and have the power to turn anyone into stone who looks into her eyes.

The culprit was none other than the eight-headed serpent Yamata-no-Orochi, who took yearly sacrifices. Susano-o, seeking to redeem himself, agreed to kill the creature. He instructed the couple to make eight barrels of the strongest sake possible and place them on raised platforms with eight gates around them.