Make Google Do a Barrel Roll and 6 Other Crazy Tricks! YouTube Barrel roll, Google tricks, Amazing science facts

Just go to Google, then type in “Do a barrel roll” without the quotes. Even if it is just for five seconds, you will see a quick 360-degree spin on the Google search page and then come back. If you get excited by constellations and galaxies, this google trick will be fun for you. You should surely add this to your google tricks list. Just type google sky and click on google sky link, you will visit the space and learn about celestial objects, stars etc.

During live streams of video games, commenters occasionally try to demand that the person playing “do a barrel roll! ” either to see if they’ll actually do it or just to be annoying. The google tricks for fun are a fresh breath of air when you are bored online. Just type Thanos in the search box, and you will see the magic when you touch the gauntlet, it will give you the glimpse of the marvel movie. One of the first easter eggs released by Google is “do a barrel roll”.

You can actually go back and play with any of the Google doodles Google has ever made! Now these are some Google trick games that we all love! Google do a barrel trick is probably the one that attracts more attention of all the Google gravity tricks. However, the Zerg rush is another trick that baffles me. The trick clears all Google search result and you will not be able to click on the link search result.

However, tilt is not as cool or fun as do a Google barrel roll. Z or R twice is probably the “do a barrel roll” you probably do not know exists. Perhaps, you have heard the best way to rotate your Google homepage with the Google gravity or swim underwater. Watch this video and check out the steps below to discover an easter egg that’s right on your keyboard. After searching, do a barrel roll 10 timesl will appear on your screen where your Google home screen will automatically rotate.

This’ll take you straight to Google Map’s snake game and you can play directly from there. You can choose from different locations and you have to pick up passengers to your snake-like bus. Google offers a number of other games you can play as well.

Once you’re on, search for “Do a barrel roll 1 million times” and click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. It’s unclear how long the Barrel Roll trick has been [pii_pn_c93c602e5f12497c50a0] up and running. Mashable reports the Easter egg is a tip of the hat to Star Fox 64, a scrolling shooter video game that debuted on the Nintendo 64 game console in 1997.