Peterbilt Volvo Kenworth & Freightliner- NO CREDIT NEEDED!

If I purchase another truck it will be through Freedomway. Great staff, Excellent truck… Elana, thanks for the professionalism you bring to the table.. Become a verified brand rep for AmericanTrucks and amplify your brand’s voice on Knoji.

The money is also needed to pay for fuel and maintenance on any vehicles or trailers owned by the player’s company. When performing quick job deliveries using an in-game company’s truck, repairs and other costs are paid by that in-game company and not from the funds of the player’s company. The player may also use the company’s money to purchase additional trucks and trailers which are held in designated slots in the garage. I just don’t like being lied to by the company before ordering. The reason I called before ordering to ensure the item description was correct was because of their no return policy on open box.

He was very helpful and knowledgeable about covers when I was shopping but I ended up purchasing a DiamondBack cover so I have no personal buying experience. I believe the cover you purchased is a Truxedo cover, right? If so, they will replace the cover material for life with photos and a description of the issue.

I’ve used autoanything several times. When I ordered the wrong back seat covers the exchanged it for the correct one no problem. Damage was only noticed by the install shop, after removing my factory exhaust. They could fix the damage but I would be paying the labor. I asked for money off my order, but AT refused and would only exchange the item, causing me to pay more labor to remove, replace, and reinstall the new item once it arrived. Not to mention, while shopping, they had NOTHING in stock.

The most common colors of GMC Sierra pickups are black and white. Mine along with a lot of other AT4s are Summit White and that’s not even an option. Didn’t take away from my experience, but it’s music venues fort collins just something I thought needed to be mentioned so it can be corrected. Ordered fender flares from American Truck because they said I would have the parts by a specific date and meet my deadline.

I love their install videos, and how they ensure people post photos of the products so you can see how it will look on your own truck. A tried and true appreciation for a pickup comes from deep within. Whether sparked by work necessity and hauling loads or simply the ever improving style of the trucks in the market, incorporating personal touches is a must. Exceptional knowledge, first-class support and quality upgrades for comfort, function and fun is what AmericanTrucks prides itself on. We are passionate enthusiasts whose customers are the number one priority. Overall, this was a very pleasant shopping experience.

The player may use company funds to hire NPC drivers , who are placed in additional driver slots in the garage. Once the player has earned sufficient money, the player may also purchase garages in other cities and hire NPC drivers to drive from those garages, as well. The longer an NPC driver is employed by the company, the more experience points they will earn, thus increasing the amount of money that driver earns from each delivery.