PHOTOS: Highlights from UFC Fight Night 162 at Singapore Indoor Stadium

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Since making the move to MMA, Mackenzie Dern has amassed a record of 11-1. After going 5-0 on the regional scene, competing for promotions such as LFA and Invicta FC, Dern was signed to the UFC. UFC strawweight Vanessa Demopoulos repeated her signature celebration with former …

She is currently the only female Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor to have won Gold Medals, at black belt level, at each of the five principal/highest ranking IBJJF Gi Championships. UFC women’s strawweight Polyana Viana scored a first-round knockout over former … Polyana Viana fighting Jinh Yu Frey at UFC Vegas 64

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She faces former champion Carla Esparza at UFC 225. Behind a curtain and after removing her clothes, Yoder came in at 115.5 pounds. She shouted with enthusiasm after making the strawweight limit for her fight with Angela Hill on Friday night. All fighters on the card eventually made weight, but not without a bit of drama at the end of the two-hour session on Thursday morning in Las Vegas. The 29-year-old, who holds a professional record of 12-2, is currently ranked #4 in the strawweight standings and is booked in to headline a fight night of her own against Yan Xiaonan in October.

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