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Bobbleheads have become an indelible part of American sports culture and a ubiquitous feature in the ranks of game-day giveaways. Get our daily headlines in your email FREE each morning AND a list of the hottest Ty Cobb card auctions on eBay just for signing up. The doll is an oversized model standing 14″ tall, made in Japan by the Otagiri Mercantile Company to promote a line of smaller player dolls which became highly popular throughout the U.S in the early 1960s. Somehow, the richest bobblehead, like the other super-expensive ones on this list, is not of an individual player. Brey typically sells the 1960s nodders, but this one was the highest cost of any dolls sold on eBay. This is the most valuable hockey bobblehead ever sold, and Brey suggested that the one he auctioned was the only one in existence.

Forever Collectibles produces some of the most valuable modern options. Upon release, values tend to spike, but once the initial interest subsides, and assuming the supply has not been depleted, deals can be found on almost any bobblehead. Whether you can spend $10 per bobblehead, or thousands, there are plenty to go around for all budgets. The easiest way to see what specific bobbleheads are going for is to look on eBay. In addition to viewing current listings, you can also see the completed listings and their final prices.

“Others were smashed by baseball bats.” Years ago a nodder expert I interviewed told me boys with BB guns used these “artistic masterpieces,” his words, for target practice. I admire Hattley’s s finesse unpacking and repacking each of his dozens of dolls at the White Plains baseball card show he and I attend without causing any harm. Over the next few years, the resurgence was in full-swing and bobblehead giveaways became a common sight for baseball fans, with multiple giveaways each season. They are also a staple of minor league teams and many other sports have gotten in on the bobblehead boom.

The sci-fi supervillain from the 1941 film became one of the most valuable dolls ever sold when Brey auctioned off the ultra-rare bobblehead in July 2008. It might be hard to believe, but bobblehead dolls are valuable. Since 2003, American law journal The Green Bag has issued bobblehead dolls depicting Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, both past and present. The 2000s also saw the rise of a competitive market for personalized, on-demand bobbleheads, typically 6–7 inches tall, from a number of on-line vendors. In 2015, the Pope Francis bobblehead became so popular that a nationwide shortage was reported. Bobblehead manufacturers had figured out how to make the figures out of plastic, saving both time and money, and creating a less breakable product.

Common promotional items include shirts, hats, and backpacks. But perhaps the most popular giveaway item is a bobblehead. Heritage Auctions could set an unusual new auction record this month, as it prepares to sell the world’s rarest and most valuable bobblehead doll. The Patriots nodder was super rare, as one of seven AFL team bobblehead dolls released.

This was mostly due to a limited Willie Mays giveaway by the San Francisco Giants during the 1999 season to honor the 40th anniversary of Candlestick Park. Stamp collecting is a popular hobby, the value of such items determined by their scarcity and history. In 1856, a postmaster in British Guiana ran out of stamps. A local newspaper printed some emergency stamps and this is the only known surviving 1-Cent Magenta today.

“The stories behind the bobbleheads are important,” Sklar says. Every now and then, they’d pick up non-sports bobbleheads, but that part of the collection really took off in 2015, when they bought a large inventory of Funko bobbleheads from a retiring dealer. Because of the softball vs baseball pitching speed larger edition number, this edition is more readily available with secondary market prices for excellent condition pieces currently in the lower triple figures. We expect this edition to continue to increase in value on the secondary market over the next several years.

(40 cm.) high overall sold for $35,925 at auction on May 20, 2010. Ask bobblehead collectors and they consistently give the nod to the same four players. Spurs guard Keldon Johnson’s bobblehead didn’t arrive in time for its March 18 giveaway at the AT&T Center to the first 10,000 fans, so ticket-holders received a voucher to claim it at a later date.

The 1964 Beatles dolls were sold individually and not as a set, but we included them together in this tied spot because they sold for the exact same amount. The Doom Marine Bobblehead can be found in the Gearhead Vault. This obvious reference to the Doom game series can be obtained in the secret Doom room located in the Gearhead Vault that will become available upon receiving the quest “Gearhead Vault”.