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QE2 returned to Port Rashid, where it was anticipated she would soon sail for Cape Town. The arrival of QE2 in Cape Town was expected to create many local jobs including hotel staff, restaurant staff, chefs, cleaners and shop attendants, all being sourced from the local workforce. But, in January 2010, it was confirmed that QE2 would not be moved to Cape Town.

Five years later, a Royal Commission inspected eight plans for a harbour crossing, one of which was for twin tunnels at a proposed cost of £600,000. The next proposal was raised by Chief Engineer John Bradfield around the turn of the century in a major look of Sydney’s transport needs, a proposal from which the Harbour Bridge eventuated. The first Fig Tree bridge over the Lane Cove River was a swing bridge, similar in design to the original swing bridges at Glebe Island and Pyrmont. The single opening span over the shipping channel had a very short counterweighted section built into the abutment.

Definitely the timeless design that will please both women and men, so yes, you can lend this bag to your brother or boyfriend if they insist. The Tortuga Outbreaker aims to be something in between a suitcase and a hiking backpack, meaning it’s urban-friendly and meant to let you breeze through the airport with one-bag travel. Topo is a women’s and men’s brand that creates unisex products for people of all genders. Their products have fun colors and huge playful zippers, with no shortage of pockets, and products for all use cases, especially travel.

Following this, the lifeboat davits were removed in September, giving the ship an altered profile on her boat deck. Subsequently, the wooden decking was removed from the deck and replaced by synthetic block flooring. On 17 January 2013, the Dubai Drydocks World announced that Queen Elizabeth 2 would be sent to an unknown location in Asia to serve as a floating luxury hotel, shopping mall, and museum. Despite this move, the QE2 London team stated on the same day that “We believe our investors can show Dubai that QE2 London is still the best proposal”. On 23 December 2012, it was reported that QE2 had been sold for scrapping in China for £20 million, after a bid to return her to the UK was rejected.