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If you enjoyed your experience with our practice, please select one or more of the review sites below, and tell us about it! Pat works with women entrepreneurs who want clarity on growing their business consciously with ease and grace. She speaks on the topics of your ultimate morning routine and self-care. Nickquolette’s mission is to take you from job applicant to job candidate.

Discover how Laura Meyer helped Jena Castro-Casbon, MS, CCC-SLP, and a private-practice consultant, build a multi-million dollar marketing strategy, guide her best customers through an intentional journey, boost her profits, and expand her impact—all via her life’s work. Become an insider & learn how to move forward in securing your finances and building your real estate investing business. Learn how the wealthy leverage other people’s money to invest in real estate and generate multi-generational wealth. You’ll walk away with the same personalized wealth plan and custom-built action plan as if you paid for Todd’s expensive coaching fees – but at a much lower fixed price – plus you have direct access to Todd in the weekly office hours and 24/7 forum support. You can’t access Todd any other way because his coaching is sold-out, and it’s a much better deal.

When I was ready to up-level the visuals and positioning of my brand Laura was the obvious choice to nail the look and feel of being elevated, sophisticated and one of a kind. This year we reached 8-figures in revenue, with my book becoming a best-seller within a week of it’s launch and this shift in my brand bloxburg hotels strategy contributed significantly to our success. Robbin McManne is a a certified Parenting Coach through the Jai Institute for Parenting. She is a published author, 7-figure business owner and and has worked with a wide variety of parents from Canada, The United States, Australia, New Zeland and the UK.

Helping families of elderly parents identify healthcare solutions. In her own family, Alma worked together with her 5 siblings to offer their mother, with dementia, the love, comfort, peace and dignity she deserved until her transition last year. Alma is a lifetime volunteer who believes in mentoring, so much so, that she served as a Board Member and Program Coordinator for Bright Light Volunteers helping students in global studies programs in Cuba, Peru, and Costa Rica. Alma recently moved permanently to Costa Rica where she makes her home and begins her second act. Without Fear of Her Future podcast features guests with stories and strategies that inspire and encourage women.

She also founded Collette Portis & Co. and Destined Designs and is a profound speaker. With over 20 years of experience as a master business coach and strategist, she has helped business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives develop their roadmap to business expansion and sustainability. It is her heart’s desire to help business owners realize the full potential in their business, gain their freedom, and implement the steps to generational wealth and legacy in their lives. Collette Portis has proven to be an asset to all who have the opportunity to cross her path. Adele J. Foster-Glenn is a Transformation Coach with a degree in marketing, certifications in career development, entrepreneurship training as well as over 20 years of experience as a teacher, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, publisher and author of several books.