Right from the beginning, she was confident about the project. I remember while shooting in Chennai, she would often help in getting the locations that were initially difficult to procure. It was due to her that we managed to obtain permission to use many locations. During the lockdown, she would often call and give us a pep talk. Between 2020 January to 2022 January, Vineeth didn’t write a script or do another film. They had even told me that they will take their salaries only after the release of the film.

Post-production of the film was completed by October 2021. A lot of factors went behind our final decision to make it a direct theatre release. I had faith in this film, I wanted to make sure Merryland’s comeback film should be through theatres and there senapathi movie remake was the matter of theatre owners financial crisis to be taken into consideration. I remember declaring that it will be a theatre release on the day they announced an unexpected lockdown on Sundays. We didn’t want the Kerala theatres to shut down.

We are both equipped to handle our respective jobs competently. That’s why we have been together, and our associations have been successful so far. At HAND, we believe that we are not just building projects but creating communities. Whether it is a commercial center, a hotel or a residential complex, we are creating spaces where people can flourish.

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Those days before online booking when we would stand in a queue to get tickets and the euphoria of watching FDFS. Vineeth and I wanted to make sure people experienced that same euphoria for ‘Hridayam.’ We wanted ‘Hridayam’ to be a memorable experience for everyone. We are a partnership that will be together during good times and bad times. When Dhyan made ‘Love Action Drama’, Aju, me, and Dhyan started a production house called ‘Fantastic films’ and we produced the film under that banner.

For when you put the customer at the center of what you do, happiness is always a by-product. Please spare two minutes of your time to share your feedback with us. This will help us immensely in offering you the best possible cinema experience.

She is not sure in the way that Arun or Nithya is. The involvement of these three actors proves once again that Vineeth has a great eye for talent. Sometimes you learn that the person you hated the most back then has now turned into someone with whom you’d like to hang out. When you get to know someone close, you learn that they are not the raging jerk you assumed they were. Some of them don’t change and get worse as they grow older.

But Arun feels guilty and goes to the room to find Nithya in a sad state realising that he lied. He confesses that he is going to meet Darshana. She allows him and she goes back to sleep peacefully.

The Vineeth Sreenivasan directed ‘Hridayam’ headlining Pranav Mohanlal and Kalyani Priyadarshan was produced by one of the iconic production houses in Malayalam cinema, Merryland cinemas. The views expressed in comments published on are those of the comment writers alone. reserves the right to take any or all comments down at any time. It is a love story which is quite short-lived, hitting the rocks even before the honeymoon period is over, but the impact of which remains with them, and by extension in the narrative. This also brings out the worst sides in both of them, but Vineeth, the writer, holds them back at various points from being destructive and taking the movie away from its ‘feel-good’ purpose.