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  • Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

    You stay with a current student, get a feel for campus life, accompany us to classes, etc. It’s a wonderful program, and those admitted students who are debating if Spelman is for them usually commit after Spel-Bound. B. While FAFSA money doesn’t “run out” as many people believe, money sometimes does run out for scholarships […]

  • Monmouth University Admissions

    Completion of Pre-requisites – Completion of all pre-requisites with a grade of B- or better. Applicants with outstanding prerequisite courses that are not shown as “in progress” on the OTCAS application, must submit a Word document outlining the completion planwith their application. All incomplete prerequisite courses and observation hours must be completed by the time […]

  • MUHUB by Marian University, Inc

    At this school, 36% of the students live in college-owned, -operated or -affiliated housing and 71% of students live off campus. Enhanced international user muhub marian university experience through updated contextual translations for all supported languages. Quick and easy access to student info, campus maps, news, events, and more. Most of the apps these days […]

  • Admissions and competition Undergraduate

    This is an increase of 19%, compared to a rise of 8% in applicants from the most advantaged backgrounds. Students are being aspirational with their university choices for next autumn, with more applying for some of the most competitive courses. Make your firm and insurance choice – Once you have received all of your offers, […]