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  • What Happened to Neil Strauss? Former Pick Up Artist

    The author-formerly-known-as-the-world’s-most-famous-pick-up-artist is 47, short and slight, with slim limbs and a nose that he says is too big for his face. His bald head glows in the soft light of the hotel bar, which is decorated like a drinking den for men who dig dark wood and slow-turning ceiling taiyouinc fans. Neil Strauss sits […]

  • Make Up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai Top 8

    A beauty blog about quick beauty tips, product reviews, and getting ready in a flash. Nina Ubhi is one of the most coveted makeup artists and beauty experts in the Middle East. Her highly sought-after looks are characterised by her fearless use of colour, meticulous attention to detail and rule-breaking approach to makeup. Judy Poulos […]