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  • Fastpitch & Slowpitch Softball Pitching Machines

    We bring in the fabric that we want to be used for our machine covers. They’re made right here in-house, but they’ll last longer and it’ll keep moisture out of your pitching machine if you use your machine outdoors. Haley Snyder is a former Division I Student-Athlete and Softball Player. With over a decade of […]

  • Knock It Out of the Park at the Midway Batting Cages!

    These softballs, when hit, will not go as far as regular softballs. Other leagues limit the number of runs which can be scored in an inning. Once the ball is hit into fair territory, the runner must try to advance to first base or 4 seam grip baseball beyond. While running to first base, the […]

  • The House Gang Featuring Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson & Mr Lee Hit Trax II 1988, Vinyl

    Then, Major League Baseball’s Statcast arrived, overhauling the hitting vernacular and codifying Williams’ original ideas about how best to swing and do damage. Strike zone charts help direct a hitter’s plan as they ready for gameplay. By using data from HitTrax, a player can make swing decisions by attacking pitches with the highest likelihood to […]