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  • 45 Trendy Goddess Box Braids Hairstyles

    Nowadays, there are so many varieties of box braids popping up all over the place, it’s almost hard to keep up. They offer the added benefit of encouraging length retention because the braided hair will not be bothered by repeated manipulation. Part out a small, medium, or large section; it will be your first goddess […]

  • Zoe Kravitz and The Goddess Box Braids Trend

    On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $150 to $300. If you’re on the hunt for a new style to try out, here’s everything you need to know about bohemian box braids. Make a statement with your favorite color by weaving it right into your massive goddess braids. These gorgeous feed-in braids won’t […]

  • Box Braids: What You Need to Know About the Protective Style

    You can recreate the hair or you can try a shorter length. Maybe even try a high ponytail, that would look super glam. Then go for these three-toned crochet box braids. This can be a conditioner, detangling spray or oil. The goal is to create some slip on the hair so your extensions glide out […]

  • Wavy box braids Box braids hairstyles, Hair styles, Braided hairstyles easy

    This is a trendy and easy to wear style that will suit women of all ages. The next hairstyle features another hair color idea. This hairdo has thin braids with stunning curls. The braids are also multi tone because they are black with an added warm coppery tone. Color like this is great for the […]

  • 20 Goddess Braids Hair Ideas for 2022 Easy Protective Hairstyles

    It has a more wild and free look than the smooth look of the goddess braids. Wanna look like a badass warrior princess? Then, go for this stunning goddess ponytail style. Instead of normal braiding, this goddess braid is done in a fishtail style to create an intricately beautiful look. Scrolling through the FYP has […]

  • 40 Bohemian Goddess Box Braids Protective Hairstyles Ideas To look Beautiful In

    The braids are sleek and long with stunning curls. As you can see, these looser curls create a more relaxed hairstyle. This is another look that would be perfect for the summer. Try similar braids to these or you can try a shorter version. If you want to try a new hair color but don’t […]

  • What Kind of Hair to Use for Goddess Locs?

    Knotless Method – This method consists of pulling your hair into two pieces and then putting one piece into a crochet loc loop. Start with parting your hair into smaller sections and braiding it. If this is your first time doing the braids, then opt for bigger ones. To get this cappuccino look, you can […]