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  • Bulking Workout: Your Program to Help Build Muscle

    Carriers strengthen your biceps, upper back, obliques, forearms, and abs. Therefore, never stop doing cardio, whether for aesthetic purposes, health or for improving your physical condition. Cardio can influence the elimination of lactic acid from the muscles. In this article, I spoke of the importance of cardio for your health, see my conclusions. There are […]

  • Lean Bulking: Add Clean Muscle Without The Fat

    Bulking can put a lot of strain on your joints and muscles. Cardio helps improve your flexibility and range of motion, which can help reduce the risk of injuries. Cardio is often thought of as something we do when it’s time to get lean for the summer, for a vacation, or for an event we’re […]

  • What Cardio Should You Do When Bulking The 3 Best Options

    It’s always easier to recoup calories with a post-workout shake than it is to burn calories after you take in too many. Lots of people have trouble eating all the food they need during a bulking phase, so if you’re just starting out make sure you ease yourself into it. Adding in too much cardio, […]

  • Should You Avoid Cardio While Bulking? Fitplan Blog

    Do your heavy squat sets first, then do your cardio afterwards. According to the American Council on Exercise, ecotomorphs are individuals with a naturally fast metabolism. ACE recommends only doing the minimal amount of cardio required to maintain your cardiovascular health — three times per week for 30 minutes. Doing too much high-intensity cardio while […]

  • How to Bulk: Your Complete Guide

    If you’re already lean and skinny with a fast metabolism, you probably don’t need dedicated cardio in order to keep your gains lean. Furthermore, trying to raise your g-flux is just going to make it harder to get into a calorie surplus, so it might get you into more trouble than it’s worth. Some studies […]