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  • Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD Downloads

    I think it’s better to have as much of the letter cutting across the grain. But at some point, you will be doing both across and with the grain, fire pits sam’s club e.g. the letter “O”. So, I would concentrate on what will yield a better result i.e. the overall appearance of what you’re […]

  • Rogue Leveling Guide for The Burning Crusade

    This will ensure that your choice of spec is equipped with the appropriate equipment. Prioritize slow, heavy hitting weapons in your main-hand. Abilities like Sinister Strike are based on your main-hand weapon damage, not DPS, meaning a weapon with a higher damage range will hit for more. Something like Blade of Necromancy may seem good […]

  • Rogue Leveling Guide for WotLK Classic

    As you have concluded from the previous paragraph and the Talents section, you should use Dual Wield. This is because its drawbacks are easily outweighed by benefits that come from Poisons and Talents. Also, lowered chance to Hit does not affect Energy Regeneration in any way, so Rogue does not lose any resources while using […]

  • WotLK Classic Rogue Leveling Guide WotLK Wrath of the Lich King Classic

    Further down the talent tree, you can get a chance to put 5 points into combat potency which will increase your off hand hit rate and the corresponding chance to apply poison even more often. Rogues are excellent DPS classes in WotLK Classic, offering unmatched crowd control and cooldowns while also dealing very high single […]

  • WoW Classic Rogue Starter Build and Leveling Guide

    Increases the armor reduced by your Expose Armor ability by 25%. Increases all damage caused against Humanoid, Giant, Beast and Dragonkin targets by 2%. Increases all damage caused against Humanoid, Giant, Beast and Dragonkin targets by 1%. A Mutilate rogue may sustain 100% Slice and 100% 5-CP Expose Armor uptime using 3-5s/5a. However, it is […]

  • Combat Rogue Leveling Guide From 1 to 70 for TBC Classic TBC Classic

    Glyph of Adrenaline Rush – Increases the duration of Adrenaline Rush by 5-seconds. More duration on Adrenaline Rush can be used to chain kill mobs for a longer time, giving you a lot of value. With Vanish available, you can afford to play a bit riskier, knowing that you can fall back on it as […]

  • WoW TBC Classic leveling guide: Get to 70 fast

    It is highly recommended that you keep somein your inventory for such situations. However, it is not always necessary or optimal to spend your energy immediately as you receive it. As long as your energy doesn’t tick over 100 or 110, it is not wasted and can be used at your convenience. The technique of […]