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  • Light American Walnut W Stain on Alder Wood

    For best results, use a wash-coat before you apply stain to alder wood to reduce blotching. Heritage cherry spray on alder is perfect for furniture, cabinetry and paneling. It offers deep brown tones with red undertones that enhance the natural beauty of Alder wood while still providing an elegant look to your project. Spiced walnut […]

  • Rugged Wood Treatment Stain Rustic Gray Weathered Siding Barn Fence Eco 5 Gl Mix

    For example, in this home from Zero Energy Design, they feature a combination of bright-colored exterior materials with a soft weathered gray siding. Choose a medium-toned gray stain like Stone Gray from Varathane if you like this look. Rather than use all one color stain, Steve Morris Designs chose to vary the look in this […]

  • Interior Staining Alder Wood Method

    Toned stain on Alder wood is particularly attractive since the wood grain shows through. Clear Alder is a light hardwood with no knots, having a grain pattern similar to Cherry. Light brown and reddish undertones characterize it. It has straight, even-textured wood grain with indistinct boundaries between the heartwood and the sapwood. Wipe the wood […]