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  • Odd Beauty Moment: Anne Hathaway Steps Out Looking EXACTLY Like A Porcelain Doll I Owned As A Child

    The earliest European porcelain dolls were china dolls, made predominantly in Germany between 1840 and 1880. China dolls were made of white glazed porcelain, giving them a characteristic glossy appearance, and their hair was painted on. Parian dolls were made in Germany of white unglazed porcelain from the 1850s onwards. American Kewpie dolls from the […]

  • DIY driveway gate

    With a little bit of work, you can build a DIY driveway gate that will protect your home for years to come. InstructablesThis study gate option is a reasonably modest build that, though inelegant, will do the trick. It gives the look and feel of a sturdy, somewhat formidable gate. You’ll use a lot of […]

  • Hog Wire Fencing Photos & Ideas

    It makes a big difference when you work with people like those at Clough who are very customer service oriented and who know how to earn loyalty. Start by digging and setting each fence post before you bury them in. This will save you in case you come across anything buried in the dirt that […]

  • 12 Steps to Successfully Promote Your Photography on Instagram

    Photographers show the other side of the world and produce a sense of care and love for their surroundings. People capture moments, post them, and get attention; they might need a unique name for their website or social media page. For example, you do all types of photography and you name your photography business as […]

  • 7 steps to take when scrubbing your social media presence, according to branding and PR experts

    Who wouldn’t want to get rid of all damaging social media content with the push of one-button? Unfortunately, bulk-removal social wood tile small bathroom media clean up tools can hurt you in the long-run. Known red flags can truly be damaging to your career and your personal life. If you’ve restricted some content on your […]

  • Easy Ways to Roll a Bowling Ball: 15 Steps with Pictures

    Grey Bowling ball icon isolated on white background. Realistic skittles and bowling ball isolated on a white background with shadows. Black line Bowling ball icon isolated on white background. Set of two horizontal banners or flyers background for bowling game sport or recreation club, flat vector illustration. If you’re right-handed, it may help to stand […]

  • Can You Send Money From PayPal To Chime

    You can check the Chime app to avoid out-of-network ATM fees. In this video, you will learn how to send and receive money via Pay Anyone and transfer that money to a debit card or Chime account. 3 Early access to direct deposit funds depends on the timing of the submission of the payment file […]

  • Dip Powder Nails: The Manicure That Lasts Longer Than Gels

    I’m really confused 😕 Can you help me! I’m on a limited budget, so can’t spend alit, but really tired if going to the nail salon. Apply your first coat on your first nail. Apply one thin, even coat of #1 Base Coat. This is what the powder will adhere to, so make sure you […]

  • Make Your Own Rectangle Crochet Basket : 9 Steps with Pictures

    You’ll find these elements within the “Bonus Materials” tab underneath your main Class viewer frame. As with the Class video, you can access the Bonus Materials as many times as you like – or you can print them out also. As long as your Premium/Gold Membership account is up-to-date and active, access to nearly every […]

  • Sharpen Your Handgun Accuracy With The MantisX Shooting System

    I have little fingers and small hands, so my fingers barely fit snugly into the grooves that already are cut out on my Taurus 911.” This is an absolute in the world of firearms, and following it can prevent a possible tragedy. Grab your pistol and raise it up until it is positioned in front […]