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  • Monthly Dividend Stocks: 7 Picks For Steady Income

    Dividend payments come in the form of cash or stock, and each share of stock you own may provide you with a specific dividend payout benefit. Dividend ETFs are taxed similarly to the underlying securities within the fund. Even if you reinvest dividends, they still count as taxable income. The fund seeks to track the […]

  • Top 20 Highest Yielding Monthly Dividend Stocks Now Yields Up To 22 0%

    WPS invests across sectors, including industrial, retail and diversified firms. Like other high dividend-paying ETFs, the aggregate portfolio leans toward value holdings, with an average P/E ratio of 13 and a P/B ratio of 0.86%. Twenty-six percent of the assets are from Japan, 13% are from Australia and 9.43% represent Hong Kong. VTIP is a […]