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  • How To Make Money Writing: 92 Websites That Pay $50+ in 2021

    Are 1,200-word missives from the front lines of real, imagined, or fictional worlds and places. Past columns brought attention to incarcerated firefighters in California, the gaming industry’s exploitative crunch culture, and Queer Eye’s selective editing. If you’d like to advertise with us, partner with us or have feedback, please fill out our contact form. Please […]

  • From Fashion for Nerds blog: geek threads blogspot.com Fashion, Outfits, My style

    “I hate complicated directions and finicky recipes,” she writes. “I cook the things that I want to eat, and I try to keep things relatively healthy and affordable.” • Cake-ology lets wannabe bakeshop owners live vicariously through Pamela Kirkpatrick. Once you see Glenn and Khay’s Insta feed, we know you’ll love them as much as […]