The House Gang Featuring Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson & Mr Lee Hit Trax II 1988, Vinyl

Then, Major League Baseball’s Statcast arrived, overhauling the hitting vernacular and codifying Williams’ original ideas about how best to swing and do damage. Strike zone charts help direct a hitter’s plan as they ready for gameplay. By using data from HitTrax, a player can make swing decisions by attacking pitches with the highest likelihood to produce an effective batted ball. While launch angle is basically an offshoot of the swing, bat path, and timing, it is a key metric to consider when evaluating batted ball output. An athlete may be able to hit a ball hard, but it is important that the athlete hit the ball at ideal trajectories to optimize productivity.

See how a player improved their performance through timing adjustments that allowed bat/ball contact to occur later in their swing path. HitTrax has enabled our program to make significant strides in all facets of our offensive output. Coupled with the concrete data solidifying our increase in offensive numbers, HitTrax has been the genesis for a drastic increase in the amount of volume our players voluntarily hit.

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At the time of this writing, that device can be a Windows or Mac PC, as well as an iPad. This app displays the metrics of the ball’s flight under your selected hitter’s profile. The metrics include tables, interactive charts and images, as well as the raw data of the flight. The push for launch monitors in the baseball and softball space is rather new compared to golf monitors. Launch monitors in golf are so abundant they are hard to keep track of. Few features really differentiate the monitors, at least to us laymen.

Launched in 2013, HitTrax is the first and only baseball simulator on the market. It offers players personalized statistics helping them become more in tune with their playing techniques when practicing in an indoor training environment. It does this by transforming any battering cage into a high-tech analytics strike zone dimension and stats center enabling players to enhance their hitting and pitching styles before stepping on the playing field. The FlightsScope MEVO is also a new ball exit speed and launch angle monitor. It lacks a significant number of features the Raspodo offers, but also comes at a considerably lower cost.

Use a fast and stable Internet connection to minimize latency issues as much as possible. You can even see the other player through the display, which is a must for current social distancing rules. With HitTrax, players are further engaged, in-depth performance reports are generated. Complete Game offers Complete Game Travel Teams and our VIP Members the ability to play baseball games in the HitTrax® Gaming Module.