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A “website glitch” prevented the entire report from being circulated prior to Louis Freeh’s press conference that day. Therefore, the media had only an executive summary to review prior to Freeh’s remarks. The “glitch” proved serendipitous, as Freeh was able to assert aspects of his report as factual that could not stand up under scrutiny.

Ganim went so far as to email Debra McCord, the mother of Zach Konstas warning her that if additional accusers did not emerge soon the case would be dropped. Magically, four additional accusers emerged shortly thereafter, each of who were known by Zach Konstas and appeared in a photo together in Jerry Sandusky’s book Touched. Mark Pendergrast, author of the book The Most Hated Man In America is interviewed live by Liz and Zig. Pendergrast goes into detail about debunked Repressed Memory Therapy, a treatment that was used with almost all of the accusers and supposedly accounted for their evolving stories and testimony. We wrap the episode up with our first exposure to the incredible story of “victim” #4 Brett Houtz. Houtz had initially told police nothing happened with Sandusky and then later that he had been abused once.

Zig and Liz summarize the story and the evidence presented in this series. Zig updates us with the latest developments in the case and Liz has some fun hitting John with a bunch of questions about his 10 year odyssey chasing the truth. Graham Spanier was the President of Penn State, under Spanier’s leadership the university won’t someone rid me of this meddlesome priest had a pristine track record for following NCAA regulations. He was one of the most influential educators in America and a trusted leader with a top-secret government security clearance. He had met Jerry Sandusky just once in his life and was shocked when wild accusations started flying in November of 2011.

Besides, getting his team to alert the neighbors of potential danger might take up valuable resources, and Simon’s supervisor and brother-in-law, Kieron Bright, has emphasized the need to economize whenever possible. An especially timely infusion to the department’s budget comes in the form of a new van donated by Declan McDermid and his wife, Cindy. At the reception to celebrate the gift and honor the donors, Simon watches as his sister, Cat Deerbon, who’s a doctor, chats up Cindy as a possible friend and new patient of the private medical practice Cat’s working for.

Jerry walked as Allan’s “father” at his high school senior night, he gave the commencement speech at Allan’s graduation, the Sanduskys had attended Allan’s wedding and Myers had driven 10+ hours to attend Sandusky’s mother’s funeral. Eshbach’s testimony is proof that prosecutors lied to the public in the presentment. Prosecutors may truly have believed that Sandusky was guilty, that they were on the side of right and they had to stop the monster. This belief, a belief not supported by any actual evidence, lead them to not just bend rules but to twist them like a pretzel. Ziegler compared evidenced he’d compiled against McQueary with evidence gathered by ESPN reporter Ray Van Natta on a recorded call several years ago. At the time Van Natta planned to use the evidence in an article that was to appear in ESPN Magazine.

The defense was confident the prosecution’s entire case would be discredited by the testimony of Myers. The defense also believed that multiple other “victims” were likely to change their stories at or before trial and admit that they had been coerced into lying. Joe Amendola proudly announced to Bob Costas in an interview that he had found “the boy in the shower” and he says, “nothing happened”. For the past decade, the news media has had almost free reign to create and advance a highly flawed, if not completely fabricated, narrative, which was born in an ignorant panic. On November 5th 2011 Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly announced the indictment of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky on 48 counts related to child sexual abuse.

The only eye witness in this case was former Penn State quarterback, graduate assistant and wide receiver coach, Mike McQueary. Kelly reported that on March 1, 2002 McQueary witnessed Sandusky sodomizing a boy in a Penn State shower. We now know, and these facts are not in dispute, that the state got the month, the date and the year of the incident wrong and that McQueary never claimed to have witnessed sodomy. Episode One tracks the investigative work of journalist John Ziegler as he puts the pieces of this puzzle together. Jerry Sandusky was convicted on June 22, 2012, just seven months after he was charged.

With Fisher’s testimony now locked in investigators began seeking out additional accusers. This story can’t be told in eight one-hour episodes like so many true crime series. This story is far more complex and the burden of proof is much, much higher. Therefore, we didn’t want to leave anything for chance so we are leaving nothing out. We take you on a journey that begins day one through the first person account of John Ziegler, a man who has lived it every day for nearly a decade. After the intial phase of the podcast was released, we were contacted by the wife of E.J.